How Do You Get Prayer Potions on OSRS Ironman?

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Prayer Potions require 38 herblore, a Ranarr, vial of water, and Snape grass to be created.

Each dose restores 7 + 25% (rounded down) of your Prayer level.

The amount of restored points can be increased by drinking the potion with a Holy wrench or a Prayer cape in your inventory, or by having a Prayer cape or a Ring of the gods (i) equipped.

Let’s look at where you can find each of the necessary ingredients & how you can make these potions for yourself – especially for ironman players.


Making It Yourself

After reaching Herblore level 38, you can make Prayer potions by using a Snape grass on a Ranarr potion (unf).

This creates a 3 dose Prayer potion* while and grants you 87.5 Herblore experience.

* By doing the action with an Amulet of chemistry equipped, there’s a 5% chance to create a 4 dose potion. This will not grant extra experience and will consume one charge of the amulet.


Snape Grass (From The Ground)

There are three Snape grass spawn locations around OSRS, where you can get directly from the ground.

  • The first place is in Hobgoblin Peninsula, south-west of the Crafting Guild. There are 3 spawns locations surrounded by level 28 Hobglobins. The fastest method to get there is by using the Skills necklace teleport to the Crafting Guild
  • The second is In Hosidius, north-east peninsula, there are 10 spawns locations. They’re surrounded by level 28 Hobglobins too and you can use the Hosidius teletab to get there (redirecting the Teleport to house)
  • The third place is in Waterbirth Island, where there are 27 spawns locations, but you should stay close to the teleport location and grab the nearby ones
Closest Snape grass spawns on Waterbirth / OSRS

Since this is the best place to collect Snape grass, it’s worth going over some of the best methods to actually get there:

  • If you have Magic level 72 and completed Lunar Diplomacy quest, you can switch to the Lunar Spellbook and use the Waterbirth teleport
  • By speaking to Jarvald, located on the western dock of Rellekka, you can travel to Waterbirth. If you completed The Fremennik Trials quest there’s no fee to travel, otherwise will cost you 1000 coins per trip
  • Alternatively, you can use an Enchanted lyre if you completed Fremennik Hard Diary
  • The fourth option is by using the Waterbirth teleport tablet, which you can buy from the Grand Exchange

Farming Snape Grass

Snape grass can be farmed in allotment patches at level 61 Farming, using 3 Snape grass seeds per patch.

You can 100% protect the seeds by paying 5 Jangerberries to the gardener, or by having a White lily in the nearby flower patch.

Seeds can be obtained through a variety of monsters, pickpocketing Master Farmers, or through other sources like Bird’s nest, Bird houses, Seed Packs and Wintertodt rewards.


PvM and Hunting Snape Grass

Snape grass can also be obtained as a drop too.

It’s actually dropped from a variety of monsters, with the most common being Bree, Growler, and Starlight (bodyguards of Commander Zilyana).

Besides that, it’s possible to get it by hunting Eclectic or Young Impling.


Making the Ranarr Potion (unf)

To create a Ranarr potion (unf) you must use a cleaned Ranarr weed on a Vial of water.

This requires Herblore level 30, and vials can be purchased in many general storages.

Ranarr weeds can be farmed too, in an herb patch at Farming level 32, using 1 Ranarr seed per patch.

And you can obtain these seeds through PvM, pickpocketing Master Farmers, hunting Nature or Crystal Impling, or other sources like Seed pack, Wintertodt rewards, or Bird houses.

The most efficient and long-term method is doing bird house runs.

Also, Ranarr weeds can be obtained as a drop from a variety of monsters – most commonly from Chaos druid, Aberrant spectre, Skotizo, and Commander Zilyana (who also drops seeds regularly).


Getting Complete Potions


Through Hunter

You can obtain 4 noted Prayer potions (3) as a common reward (1/19) for hunting Ninja implings, which requires 74 Hunter in order to capture with a net.


Through PvM

There’s a good number of monsters you can killed that have a chance of dropping Prayer potions.

Here’s a quick list you can skim to get some ideas:

  • Prayer potions (1): commonly dropped by Maniacal Monkeys and Mammoths
  • Prayer potions (2): rarely dropped by Dagannoth Rex
  • Prayer potions (3): commonly dropped by Demonic gorilla, Deranged archaeologist, Phosani’s Nightmare, The Nightmare and from monsters in the Forthos Dungeon*
  • Prayer potions (4): commonly dropped by Kalphite Queen, Commander Zilyana, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy archaeologist, Nex, Scorpia, Grotesque Guardians, Long-tailed Wyvern, Spitting Wyvern, Taloned Wyvern, Skeletal Wyvern, Ancient Wizard, Brassican Mage, and rarely from Thermonuclear smoke devil

* In this case, you must get Grubby keys as drops from the monsters in the dungeon and open the Grubby Chest (requires Thieving level 57). There’s a common chance of getting 2 unnoted Prayer potions (3) per key.


Through Sepulcher (Minigame)

This is a relatively new Agility minigame to OSRS, and here’s how you get there:

Use the Drakan’s medallion teleport to Darkmeyer, and go north until you go past the fence.

Then go east and enter the Mausoleum (as shown in the image below).

Note: there are aggressive Vyrewatches level 105 and 151 surrounding the location. Stay alert!

In front of the Hallowed Sepulcher entrance / OSRS

The Hallowed Sepulchre requires level 52 Agility, and it can reward you with a Prayer potion (2) by looting the low tier coffins, or with a Prayer potion (4) by looting the mid-tier coffins.

Also, while looting the coffins you’ll receive Hallowed marks, which can be used to buy a Hallowed sack at the Mysterious Hallowed Goods (the sacks cost 100 marks each).

These sacks can reward you with a 2-dose or 4-dose Prayer potion.


Theater of Blood

For one final suggestion, you can also buy Prayer potions after killing the Pestilent Bloat or Sotetseg in ToB.

A 4-dose potion costs 2 points.

You can boost this activity by gathering a group of experienced players to carry you through Maiden, then buy your potion and leave the raid.

And you can also do this for other types of potions too (Stamina, Saradomin brew, and Super restore).

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