What is a PvP World in Old School RuneScape?

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A PvP world in OSRS is a world where PvP activities are enabled throughout the game world, except in certain safe zones like banks. PvP worlds are on a weekly rotation – so the world will change every 7 days to a different world number with a new server location.

This rotation is done by Jagex to allow those with lag or unstable connections to have a lower ping on a new server.

There’s also always one high-risk world open to players, which is slightly more dangerous than a traditional PvP world. On the high-risk world the Protect Item prayer is disabled, so all items are lost upon death.

These worlds are especially designed for Pk’ers, and you can be killed in most areas of the game here too.

So it’s advised to only use these worlds for PvP content and little else.


Hotspots in PvP Worlds

PvP worlds have a variety of hotspots that players use for PK’ing.

The most commonly used hotspots are the Grand Exchange, Lumbridge, and Camelot.

The Grand Exchange is used by all account types and builds, and is the most commonly used Pk’ing spot in PvP worlds. This is primarily because you can buy new supplies easily here, as well as all the teleport methods you have that’ll take you back to the Grand Exchange.

Lumbridge is commonly used by pures and zerkers. This is likely due to how easy it is to get to Lumbridge, as well as the terrain supplementing this type of Pk’ing quite nicely.

It’s also the default respawn point, making re-gearing easy for account builds with limitations.

Camelot is a popular location for Dharok fights, High Risk Fights, and Hybridding.

This location has gained popularity for these specific fight styles, and as a result, the OSRS community as a whole has largely chosen this area as one of the main high risk areas to fight in.

OSRS PvP Battle Screenshot
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Benefits of Using PvP Worlds

Unlike the Wilderness, PvP worlds are generally populated by players who actually want to fight.

So as a result, you won’t need to hunt down players like you typically would in the Wilderness.

Another benefit of these PvP worlds has to be all the hotspots (mentioned earlier). These are basically areas where players gather around in large numbers.

This makes it very easy to find fights quickly, saving you a ton of time and energy.

Now if you do not want to partake in PvP, you can also use these worlds for their conveniently located banks.

For example, in PvP worlds there’s a bank right by the Camelot Teleport spot – which is commonly used for running planks, since it’s in a safe zone.

This is one of the fastest methods to run planks in OSRS.

PvP worlds are also largely empty due to the high risk of death.

As a result, skilling areas and resources are far more abundant in PvP worlds. Which is why they’re quite alluring to normal players looking for an easy way to get ahead.

Just be wary here, and never risk more than you’re willing to lose in these situations.

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