Top 10 Rarest Pets in Old School RuneScape

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Pets don’t really provide any cool bonuses or stat upgrades – but everyone still wants one.

They’re a really great way to show other players your achievements, and some of them are just too cute!

There are some very commonly available pets in OSRS, like cats. But there are also some elite pets locked behind serious grinds or difficult bosses, where only the best of the best will have a chance of obtaining them.

And for this ranking we’re taking a look at the hardest-to get (and rarest) pets to track down in OSRS.


10. Vet’ion jr.

Vet'ion jr. Pet Render / OSRS

Starting our list off is the baby Vet’ion jr.

This pet has a drop rate of 1/2000, which isn’t too bad all things considered!

But it comes from one of the rarest bosses to track down, though.

This is largely due to a few reasons:

Firstly, Vet’tion’s drop table isn’t the greatest. So it’s not commonly hunted.

Secondly, he’s located in the wilderness – which means other players constantly try and Pk you.

And lastly, the fight against him is rather tough, and is not as straightforward as the other wilderness bosses.

Overall a lot of players simply avoid this boss – which has made his pet all the rarer!


9. Olmlet

Olmlet Render from OSRS

Olmlet is the baby version of the Great Olm fought at the end of the Chamber of Xeric – and is a very rare reward from the raid.

This is a fairly prestigious pet, as the Chambers of Xeric is OSRS first real raid, and is one of the hardest pieces of PvM content in the game.

If you want to push yourself and do challenge mode, try and get the metaphoric dust which will allow you to change your Olmlet into any of the other bosses found in the Chambers of Xeric!

You’ll need to be a veteran of the game and an experienced raider to have any chance of adding this guy to your family of pets.


8. Rift Guardian

Rift Guardian Pet from OSRS

So this is one of the rarest skilling pets in the game, and is only obtainable from Runecrafting.

Since most players dislike Runecrafting, the Rift Guardian has become quite a rarity to spot.

It’s pretty cool, though. You can even change its color depending on the Runecrafting altar you use him on!

But good luck getting this little guy on your way to level 99 Runecrafting.


7. Youngllef

Youngllef Pet from OSRS

The Youngllef is the pet version of the Hunleff, who’s the final boss found at the end of The Gauntlet.

And the Gauntlet is one of the hardest PvM experiences in the game – which has made the Youngllef quite the uncommon sight.

There’s a chance of 1/400 to obtain the pet by completing the Corrupted Gauntlet, and a 1/2000 chance for the regular Gauntlet.

Now, I know 1/400 might sound decent – but The Corrupted Gauntlet is insanely difficult and not many people are capable of completing it even once!

But it’s a cool pet, as it has the ability to change between its normal and corrupted version.

So if you can snag one then it’s worth adding to your collection!


6. Kree’arra

Kree’arra Pet from OSRS

Kree’arra is a tough boss – and one of the hardest in the God War Dungeon.

You can obtain a tiny version of her by getting insanely lucky, as she has a 1/5000 chance of dropping this little pet.

This pet is well worth it, though, as it flies behind you in-game.

Actually it’s one of the few flying pets in OSRS – and easily one of the best designed.

But only a few lucky players have this cool pet trailing behind them, as you can only get a dozen or so Kree’arra kills a trip!


5. Lil ‘Zik

Lil ‘Zik Pet / OSRS Render

Lil’Zik is the pet version of Verzik, the final boss of the Theatre of Blood.

Getting this pet is no joke, either, as the Theater of Blood is easily one of the hardest challenges in OSRS.

The drop rate is about 1/650 at best – which is relatively high, considering the difficulty of getting through the Theatre of Blood.

Should you obtain this pet, you’ll be identified as an elite player who can prove they’ve bested the hardest raid in OSRS.


4. Corporeal Critter/Dark Core

Corporeal Critter Pet from OSRS

As the name suggests, this pet is dropped by the one and only Corporeal Beast – and is a miniature version of the massive Corp.

It can also transform into the Dark Core, which is an element of the fight against the Corporeal Beast.

But it has an insane drop rate of 1/5000.

And considering how challenging this fight is, well, it should be no surprise that many players don’t have their hands on this ultra-rare pet prize.

The corporeal beast is tough to fight as a team, and even tougher solo!


3. Bloodhound

Bloodhound Dog Pet Render from OSRS

The bloodhound has a great design in OSRS, with a cute little green hat on and everything.

That said, this pet is very rare, as it’s only dropped from master clues at a rate of 1/1000.

And considering how difficult it is to obtain master clues, you might see why this pet is so difficult to farm.

It’s also only really possible for end game players to search for – as the requirements to complete master clues are very high.

I would imagine that only a few thousand Bloodhounds even exist in the game, even counting every single account in Old School RuneScape.


2. Pet Penance Queen

Pet Penance Queen 3D Render / OSRS

This pet is probably the rarest in the game, despite being in the game for years!

It’s only obtainable from high level gambles at Barbarian Assault at a rate of 1/1000.

Not many players actually play Barbarian Assault, either. Meaning the Penance Queen pet is seldom farmed and very rare.

It’s most commonly owned by the members of the BA Leech Clan Chat who sell Barbarian Assault items to the public.


1. Jal-Nib-Rek

Jal-nib-rek Pet from OSRS

What a name, right?

Well it’s also the hardest pet to obtain in the game: the Jal-Nib-Rek, otherwise known as the Zuk Pet.

For this one you have a base of 1/100 chance, reduced to 1/75 if on a slayer task, only available when you complete the inferno!

And in case you aren’t aware, completing the inferno is extremely difficult and most players can’t even complete it one time – let alone multiple times!

So attempting for a chance at this pet can only be done by the best of the best in the game. And if you have one, consider yourself a true OSRS legend.

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