How To Get Raw Sharks on OSRS Ironman

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Besides fishing, you can get raw sharks through a handful of methods including the Wintertodt or Fishing Trawler minigame, by pickpocketing, killing monsters, or even just buying them.

But not every method is worth your time, especially for ironmen.

Here’s a quick summary of the best methods for getting raw sharks on ironman mode:

  • For The fremennik Trials quest, look into the “Purchasing” and “Pickpocketing” sections below
  • For an AFK method (with low experience rates) look into the Harpoon section below
  • For good experience rates and bulk sharks, look into the “Minnows” and “Reward Pool” sections below
  • For a more passive approach to gather sharks, look into the “Wintertodt” section below


Purchasing Raw Sharks

After completing the Priest in peril quest, you can purchase a Raw shark for 221 gp from the Rufus’ meat emporium, located in north-west Canifis.

You can easily get here by using the Fairy ring teleport CKS.

So if you have the requirement and just want to do the quest, this is a fast option.

Rufus’ meat emporium / OSRS

Alternatively, if you have 100% Piscariulius favour and need more sharks, you can take the Veos’ ship from Port sarim to Port piscarilius, and run north to the next dock.

Here you can find up to 25 Raw sharks in the Frankie’s fishing emporium, starting at 170 gp each, and increasing up to 210 gp each.

Frankie’s fishing emporium Screenshot / OSRS

Pictured above: Frankie’s Fishing Emporium inventory


Pickpocketing Raw Sharks

Upon reaching level 72 Thieving and completing the Ardougne hard diary, you can loot the Ardougne Castle chest on the first floor in both eastern points (north and south).

Every chest you open will always give you:

  • 1000 coins
  • A Raw shark
  • An Adamantite ore
  • An Uncut sapphire
  • And 500 Thieving experience
Searching for traps in the Ardougne castle northern chest / OSRS

To get to the Ardougne Castle you can use the Minigame teleport (now named Grouping teleport) to Rat pitts (kittens), and then run south until you reach the castle.

Climb-up the ladder, choose north or south, open the first door and lock-pick the second one (right-click and pick lock until it opens).

Then open the other two doors to reach the chest.

Tip: be sure to right-click on the chest and search for traps, until you open it and gain the rewards. If you left-click right away you’ll take a lot of damage.

After you open the chest, you’ll always get teleported to Witchaven. So it’s not really worth doing this method multiple times just to get the Raw shark for quest requirements.

Note that you must have 4 free inventory spaces for this method, otherwise you’ll get teleported away without properly looting the items.


Fishing Raw Sharks on Ironman


Harpoon Method

Harpooning sharks in the Fishing guild / OSRS

After reaching Fishing level 76 you can catch sharks with any type of Harpoon by using it on a Big Net/Harpoon fishing spot.

Each shark you catch will give you 110 Fishing XP.

You can find a shark spot in many places around OSRS, but the best location is inside the Fishing guild. Because in the guild have an invisible boost of +7 Fishing, and you’ll have a bank really close to the docks.

You can get to the fishing guild a few different ways, most notably with the Skill necklace teleport, or by running north from Ardougne or south from Seers’ Village.

Although you can use any type of Harpoon here, it’s highly recommended to use a Dragon or Crystal harpoon, since sharks have a slow catch rate. And these harpoons will increase your catch chances by:

  • Dragon Harpoon = +20%
  • Crystal Harpoon = +32,5%

Also, if possible, equip the best Rada’s blessing you can – this gives you a chance of catching two fish at once (with no additional experience).

Catching sharks with a harpoon tends to be slow, so you can expect to catch only 150-170 Raw sharks per hour, and get about 16500-18700 Fishing experience/hr.

So you should only do this if you want an AFK method, or if you’re searching for a Raw big shark to mount in your home (the chance of catching this is around 0.02%).


Minnows Method

Kylies's Minnows Platform / Old School RuneScape

After you have:

  • Fishing Level 82
  • Completing the Fishing contest quest
  • And getting the full Angler’s outfit

You can use a Small Fishing Net to catch Minnows at the Kylie Minnow’s fishing platform, located inside the Fishing guild.

To easily get there, use the Skills necklace teleport and enter the fishing guild, then go to the most northern dock and talk with Kylie.

Kylie Minnow’s location / OSRS

Minnows are stackable fish, which means they only occupy one inventory slot.

Every catch will grant you 10-14 Minnows (depending on your Fishing level) and give you 26.1 XP per fish.

By trading Minnows to Kylie, you can exchange 40 Minnows for a Raw shark.

The amount of sharks you can get will depend on your Fishing level, and if you’re equipped with a Rada’s blessing.

But check out the chart below for more details:

Fishing level Sharks/hr Sharks/hr (with Rada’s 4) Fishing XP/hr
82 375 405 40k
85 425 459 43k
90 487 526 45k
95 550 594 48k
99 625 675 56k

Although this is a much faster way then the Harpoon method, you should keep in mind that it requires much more attention too. Because Minnow fishing spots moves one square (clockwise) every 15 seconds, and occasionally a spot will spawn a Flying fish which will eat at least 20 Minnows from your inventory if you don’t move away from it.


Reward Pool Method

Once you have at least a Fishing level of 35, you’re allowed to subdue the Tempoross boss.

This is a minigame-style* boss fight based on Fishing.

* Keep in mind that Tempoross can kill you, and although it’s a minigame-style fight, the death is not safe. So if you play as a Hardcore Ironman you can lose your hardcore status.

Explaining the fight in detail is a bit outside the scope of this guide, but you can find excellent guides on YouTube, such as this one:

After earning at least 2000 points in the fight, you’ll receive one reward permit.

Then for every additional 700 points you’ll receive another guaranteed reward permit, up till you reach the 16 rewards permits cap.

You can consume the rewards permits by using a Big or Small net to collect items from the Reward pool, located south of the Ruins of Unkah dock.

Fishing in the Reward pool / Old School RuneScape

To get there you have to board Ferryman Sathwood’s ferry, which is located directly south from the Al kharid bank.

Every reward permit is equal to one reward. And it takes about .18 seconds to claim each reward.

With each claim you can expect:

  • 0.05% chance to get 5-10 noted Raw sharks (with Fishing level between 76-78)
  • 0.09% chance to get 7-12 noted Raw sharks (with Fishing level between 79-78)
  • 0.11% chance to get 10-20 noted Raw sharks (with Fishing level 81+)

This method should be used if you want some Raw sharks and better Fishing experience than all the other methods.

It’s hard to calculate the amount of sharks & XP you should expect here, since it varies based on your fishing level, gear, and the way you play the minigame.

But you should always expect at least 10k-25k XP/hr above the Minnows method (assuming you have the same Fishing level).


Raw Sharks Through Wintertodt

Once you reach Firemaking level 50, you’re allowed to play the Wintertodt minigame – which is a boss fight based on skilling.

You can get here really fast by using the Games necklace teleport to Wintertodt camp*.

* In order to unlock the teleport, you will have to, at least once, take Veos’s ship in the northern dock of Port Sarim and make a trip to Great Kourend.

After earning 500 points, you’ll receive a Supply crate at the end of the game. This will give you two rewards.

You can keep getting supply crates for every 500 points you earn, each one as a guaranteed additional reward, up until you hit the cap (28 total).

To get 6-10 noted Raw sharks as a reward from opening the crates, you must have at least a Fishing level of 42 (according to a tweet from Mod Ash).

But the chances of getting them will increase with your Fishing level.

This method could be best if you want to train other skills along the way, especially Firemaking.

But this is not a good method just to get bulk sharks – for that you’d be better off with any other method on this list.

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