What is Risk Fighting in Old School RuneScape?

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A risk fight is when two players in PvP risk a pre-determined amount in a fight, where the winner will claim all the rewards. Normally for risk fighting, both players are skulled to make sure that the items shown or worn will definitely be dropped by the loser on death.

There are also high-risk fights in OSRS, where players will risk items and gear generally worth well over 10m.

This is different to normal risk fights because the amount risked would typically be well below this figure, and would generally be standard PvP gear.

Due to the “high-risk” nature of these fights, they’re normally pre-arranged between players, and almost always done on a PvP world.

Just note that if you choose to risk fight, be very cautious of rushers who may try and quickly special you out for a quick kill. These types of players are commonly found on all PvP worlds.


Examples of Risk Fights in OSRS

Risk fights are usually only for specific gear, or a large amount of coins.

Coins are far more commonly seen on F2P PvP worlds, while items are the norm for most members.

For example, a F2P risk fight typically involves players wearing monk robes for reduced defence, and a weapon like a Rune Scimitar or Maple Shortbow.

The players would trade each other to show an amount of coins, otherwise known as the risk, normally in the millions. These would be dropped on death and would be the prize of the fight.

Members risk fights are slightly different, since the amount at risk is usually much higher than just coins.

Common risk fights include players using Dharok and expensive knock out weapons, like the Armadyl Godsword or Dragon Claws.

A high-risk fight may involve players using expensive gear too, like 3rd Age armour or Ancestral Robes – both of which are worth well over 100m!

High-Risk fights commonly take place in Edgeville, Camelot, and at the Grand Exchange.

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