How To Get a Rune Axe on Ironman (OSRS)

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There are three main ways of obtaining Rune Axes on Ironman mode:

  1. PvM drops
  2. Purchasing on the Woodcutting Guild
  3. Or crafting through Skilling

The third option of crafting your rune axe is the only choice for F2P Ironmen, since the first two methods only work for members.

Rune Axes are great mid-level Woodcutting tools that require 41 Woodcutting to use, and level 40 Attack in order to be worn. These are the best-in-slot Axes for free-to-play players along with Gilded Axes, and the third best axe for Members players.

Let’s take a look at all three methods to help you get your axe:


Method 1: PvM Drops

Tree Spirits in the Enchanted Valley / OSRS
Tree Spirits in the Enchanted Valley

Low-level members may find the best option to be obtaining their Rune Axe as a drop from enemies. The best enemy for this approach would be Tree Spirits, found in the Enchanted Valley, requiring access to the Fairy Ring network.

These enemies can be easily safespotted and drop a variety of herbs, seeds, nature runes, and all axes up to rune.

Specifically, Rune Axes have a drop rate of 1/32.

This makes for a short grind if you’re not unlucky, while obtaining a small variety of useful resources for later.

If Tree Spirits are not an option, you’ll have to face tougher enemies such as Ancient Zygomites, Steel Dragons or Kurasks (Around 1/45 rates). This will have higher requirements and maybe cost some supplies, but it’s likely that you find yourself fighting these during your Slayer efforts.


Method 2: The Woodcutting Guild

Perry’s Chop-Chop Shop / OSRS
Perry’s Chop-Chop Shop

Players with level 60 Woodcutting and 75% Hosidius favor may enter the Woodcutting Guild, located in Great Kourend.

Inside is the only shop that sells Rune Axes for 40,960 coins each.

While this is the easiest and most direct way to obtain Rune Axes, this would mean that you’d need to achieve level 60 Woodcutting with an Adamant axe or lower. It’s not the worst grind in the game, but it would definitely take longer than obtaining it beforehand.

Regardless, if you have access to the Woodcutting guild, definitely get your Rune Axe through the NPC shop!


Method 3: Skilling for a Rune Axe

Smithing a Rune Axe / OSRS
Smithing a Rune Axe

The last and least recommended option is to craft your Rune Axe yourself through the Smithing skill.

This will require level 86 in this skill, which covers creating a single Runite bar and smithing it with a hammer on any anvil.

Tip: Free-to-Play players can obtain runite ore by mining it in high level Wilderness, which requires level 85 Mining. This resource is heavily contested due to being the only spot available for F2P.

Once you obtain a single Runite Ore, smelt it at any furnace with 8 Coal to create a Runite Bar.

Then finally smith it at an anvil to create your Rune Axe!

This method is definitely not recommended for Members due to the much quicker and easier alternatives mentioned above (especially since other methods don’t require 80+ stats for a tier 40 item).

On the other hand, this is the only available method for F2P ironmen, due to being locked out of all other options.

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