OSRS: How To Get A Rune Pouch on Ironman

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The Rune Pouch saves two of your precious inventory slots by holding up to 16000 runes of three different types.

Ironmen have a couple of different routes to get the pouch:

  • PvP route: 75 Last Man Standing (LMS) points
  • PvM route: 750 Slayer Points

Note: If you’re a returning player, the Bounty Hunter Shop was removed in January of 2021, so it is no longer a valid method to obtain the pouch.


Last Man Standing: The PvP Route

LMS is a minigame localized in the Ferox Enclave, level 13 Wilderness.

The Rune Pouch costs 75 points, which can take between 2 hours and 30 hours to achieve, depending on your PvP skills.

Note: for Hardcore Ironman players(solo or group) you can also take this route safely. Dying in LMS will not remove your status or group life, it’s considered a safe death!

Just be careful getting to the Ferox Enclave.


Ferox Enclave

You can get here by walking north of the GE, which is risky.

However there are a couple of safe teleport options: Minigame teleport to Last Man Standing or Clan Wars, and the Ring of dueling.

This minigame has a couple of official worlds, and these worlds change from time to time to rotate the lag. You can identify the active worlds in the Activity section on the World selection.

It’s important to note that Casual Games does not award points.

So you need to be in one of the LMS Competitive worlds.

Once you get there and hop to an official world, you can talk to Lisa and join a game.


Minigame Mechanics

The minigame is pretty simple, and it’s very similar to a Battle Royale.

Everyone spawns in a random map and location, with the same levels and gear loadout.

Note: you can customize your layout in a chest in the lobby before joining a game.

LMS Loadout / Old School RuneScape

Once you spawn, you can find other players and fight in a tribrid battle with basic gear (mage, range, and melee) as you can see in the picture above.

You’ll have access to the Ancient Spellbook (barrage and blitz), infinite run, and infinite prayer.

If you defeat your opponent then your stats, special attack, and supplies will be renewed. You’ll also be rewarded a bloody key.

Use the key to open the chest and get some better equipment.

To encourage fights, a fog that damages you will spawn in the edges and slowly fill the map. The game ends when only one of the competitors is alive.


LMS Rewards

You’ll need to get at least one kill to get points, and the points are distributed as follows:

  • 5 pts for first
  • 4 pts for second
  • 3 pts for third and fourth
  • 2 pts for 5th to 9th
  • 1 pts for 10th – 19th

There’s also a bonus of 1 point if you get 3 kills, and 2 points if you get 5 kills.

You’ll need 75 LMS points for the Rune Pouch. And the time it’ll take before you get that much will depend entirely on your PvP skill.

Really skilled PvPers can do it in 2-3 hours, while less skilled players might take a lot longer.

An average player should get around 25 points per hour.

Be mindful that to combat botting, Jagex requires at least 48 hours of playtime as a member to buy anything from the LMS store. You can check your playtime in the Character Summary Menu or with Hans in Lumbridge.


Slayer Points: the PvM Route

Getting a task with Konar / OSRS

You can also buy the Rune Pouch with 750 Slayer points from any Slayer Master on Ironman.

How quickly you can do this method depends on your combat skills and overall slayer efficiency.

With regular slaying this could take a long time. But with Turael Boosting it could take less than 4 hours to get the Rune Pouch.


Points Per Task

To get Slayer points you’ll need to finish the task you got from the Slayer Masters.

All but two Slayer Masters offer the points – the exceptions being Tural and Spria.

Points are awarded after the completion of every task, but only after you finish five tasks! So you should do your first four tasks with an easier master.

The amount of points you get per task is related to the Slayer Master that assigned your task, as you can see in the following table:

Slayer Master Points per task Requirements Location
Mazchna 2 20 combat and Priest in Peril Canifis
Vannaka 4 40 combat Edgeville Dungeon
Chaeldar 10 70 combat and Lost City Zanaris
Konar 18 (20 with elite diary) 75 combat Mount Karuulm
Nieve/Steve 12 (15 with elite diary) 85 combat Tree Gnome Stronghold
Duradel 15 100 combat, 50 slayer, and Shilo Village Shilo Village
Krystilia * 25 None Edgeville


Although Krystilia offers the most points per task and fewer requirements, she has a couple of caveats:

  • She only gives tasks in the Wilderness, so be careful – especially if you’re Hardcore!
  • Her streaks are separate from other slayer masters

She does, however, offer a lot of points per hour.

So if you’re comfortable in the wilderness you should give it a go.



You’ll also be rewarded with bonus points for some streaks.

The bonus works by multiplying the points in the following manner:

  • 5x every 10th task
  • 15x every 50th task
  • 25x, every 100th task
  • 35x every 250th task
  • 50x every 1000th task

Fast Points: Turael Boosting

You can use the streak mechanic with Turael’s easy tasks to boost your points per hour.

The method consists of doing 9 easy tasks with Turael, then taking a task with the hardest Slayer Master available.

Doing this method with max efficiency should reward you with up to 200 points per hour.

Follow this efficiently and you’ll have a Rune Pouch in no time.

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