OSRS: The 5 Best Shark Fishing Spots

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Sharks are one of the most popular foods in OSRS for PvM, PvP, and high level bossing. They heal 20 hitpoints in a single bite, making them one of the higher healing food options out there.

Catching these mighty predators requires a minimum of level 76 fishing and a trusty harpoon.

But there are some other methods to catch them, such as using minnows, which we’ll look at in more detail below!

But knowing where to catch sharks is important, since fishing in the “better” spots will make you more money, decrease banking time, and help you just catch more.


5. Burgh de Rott

Burgh de Rott Shark Fishing Spot / OSRS HD

The town of Burg De Rott is one of the few places where you can catch raw sharks, which swim off the southern coast line of the city.

To properly access the city you’ll need to complete the quest In Aid of the Myerque. This allows you to build a bank in the city, which is pivotal should you wish to fish here properly!

All of the fishing spots are for sharks, too. Meaning you can afk and simply click a spot, knowing you’ll get sharks in return.

I highly recommend using a Crystal, Dragon, or Infernal Harpoon here.

Catching a shark here barehanded is also a task for the Morytania Elite Diary. However, this requires a very high fishing level of 96.


4. Jatizso

Jatizso Docks Location for Fishing / OSRS HD

Jatizso offers the closest fishing spot to a bank in the entire game – which makes it a spot definitely worth considering.

The only issue is that it’s locked behind the Fremennik quest line, meaning you’ll need to have completed the Fremennik Trials and started the Fremennik Isles.

This used to be the best fishing spot in the game due to its location being so close to a bank. And it’s still great for sure. You can expect around 90 – 150 sharks per hour here, depending on your fishing level.

And just like with Burgh de Root, I highly recommend using a Crystal, Dragon, or Infernal Harpoon.


3. Catherby

Catherby Harpoon Shark Fishing Spot / OSRS HD

Catherby is very centrally located, and is a fishing town through and through.

There’s even a lovely fishing store right by the shoreline that you might want to check out!

And it should be mentioned that you can catch a little bit of everything here, including shrimp, cod, tuna, swordfish, bass, lobster, herring, and of course: sharks!

I highly recommend fishing here if you wish to cook your catches too. There’s a cooking range located right next door to the bank. And this is especially useful for Ironmen.

There are also a variety of farming patches located near the fishing spots, so you can always take a break from catching sharks to quickly tend to your crops. This allows you to multi-task quite efficiently, since you can focus on fishing and farming at the same time.

And remember your trusty harpoon! Dragon and Crystal Harpoons are the best options here, of course.


2. Fishing Guild

Fishing Guild Fish Spots From Above / OSRS HD

The Fishing guild is a fantastic spot to catch sharks… and all other manner of fish, really.

But you’ll need a minimum level of 68 fishing to enter.

That said, a sneaky player can boost their level with a fishing potion and enter early.

Fishing here is well worth it. There’s an invisible +7 fishing boost for the guild, which means you’ll catch fish much faster here.

Note that this does not unlock higher leveled fishing, though.

There’s also a conveniently located bank and a ton of shark fishing spots around the area too. Experience rates should be slow, at around 20k per hour. But you’ll net quite a few sharks during your time here.


1. Minnow Platform

Minnow Platform Screenshot From Above / OSRS HD

The Minnow Platform is by far the best location to fish for sharks in OSRS. But it’s the most click intensive, while the other options on this list are mostly AFK.

To access the platform you’ll need a full Angler’s set and a fishing level of at least 82.

You can obtain the Angler’s set from the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Once you’re on the platform, you can catch minnows which change spots every 15 seconds around the interior. You’ll need a small fishing net to fish here.

I also recommend a Rada’s Blessing (4) which has an 8% chance to double the amount of fish you catch. Definitely handy.

You can then trade minnows in for sharks at a rate of 40 minnows for 1 shark.

Minnows will stack in your inventory, and so they only take up a single spot – which is definitely convenient.

Experience is fairly good too, at 35k experience per hour, and roughly 350 – 400 sharks per hour.

Not to mention the profits here as a result of all this work are roughly between 300k–500k per hour, which is higher than any of the other methods on this list.

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