OSRS: The 5 Best Potions For Slayer (Ranked)

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So you want to get into Slayer?

You’ve got all your gear ready, and you’re pumped to get out there doing your tasks and making a ton of cash along the way!

Well something that can assist you on your Slayer journey is potions.

Certain potions speed up tasks, while other potions are just great for utility. I generally make use of a few potions every Slayer Task, just to be as efficient as I possibly can.

Take it from someone who has level 99 Slayer, you’ll want to be prepared.


5. Antipoison Potion

Antipoison Potion OSRS Render

There are many different monsters and enemies in OSRS with different powers and abilities.

Some enemies on your slayer task, such as Kalphites, possess the ability to poison you.

Trust me when I say there’s nothing less convenient than having no food, poison damaging you, and being miles away from a bank to resupply.

Luckily there are antiposion potions which cure poison, and give you immunity for up to 90 seconds.

However, if you’ve got the funds, go for an antidote++.

This provides a whole 12 minutes of immunity per dose!

Don’t go unprepared. Always check if your current slayer task has the ability to poison, and if so, then remember to grab a potion.

Where to Get: These can be made via the herblore skill, and some can simply be bought from stores such as in Karamja. I recommend buying these off of the Grand Exchange.


4. Antifire Potion

Antifire Potion OSRS Render

Similarly to the antiposion potion, the Antifire potion comes in variety of types and styles.

However, they’re absolutely necessary for certain slayer tasks.

While chromatic dragons may not be too much of a threat provided you have an anti-fire shield, if you get a slayer task for metal dragons such as steel dragons, you’ll absolutely need a Antifire potion.

If you choose to range or mage these dragons you’ll constantly get hit from a distance by their long range fire attack.

However, with a shield and Antifire potion, you can negate all damage!

This is very useful in finishing the task all at once, and not having to worry about banking to resupply every few kills.

Where to Get: You can only buy these on the Grand Exchange, or make anti-fire potion with a herblore level of 69. The very best anti-fire potions can only be made after completing Dragon slayer II and require level 97 herblore.


3. Prayer Potion

Prayer Potion OSRS Render

Next on our list is the always useful prayer potion.

Many tasks are in multi-combat areas where you’ll be piled by multiple enemies at once.

If you wish to avoid all damage, you’ll want to use your overhead prayers such as protect from melee to avoid this.

However, if you’re far away from a bank or altar, your prayer will run out far faster than it’ll take you to complete your task.

This is where the prayer potion steps in.

A single dose of prayer potion for a person with level 90 prayer would restore 30 prayer points. With a high enough prayer bonus, this could translate into 5 minutes of extra combat – which means more kills.

A single potion could increase your trip by 20 minutes!

Where to Get: You can only buy these on the Grand Exchange, or make them with level 38 herblore, which is quite low and achievable for most players.


2. Ranging Potion

Ranging Potion OSRS Render

Many Slayer Tasks are most efficient to do with ranging, as you can often safe spot and avoid all damage.

Tasks such as Basilisk Knights and Skeletal Wyverns can be safe spotted with range.

To be as efficient as possible, taking a ranging spot will increase your accuracy and damage, ultimately decreasing the amount of time needed to do the task!

The maximum possible boost to ranging is +13 – which is a great increase, and will speed up your tasks substantially.


1. Super Combat Potion

Super Combat Potion OSRS Render

The number one spot on our list goes to the Super Combat Potion, which is similar to the ranging potion, but it increases strength, attack, and defence!

A player with maxed combat can expect a +19 boost here. Which will mean you’ll be much more accurate, hit harder, and have stronger defences.

The Super Combat Potion can be expensive to use. But it is well worth it.

Especially used in conjunction with prayer potions, you can increase your overall efficiency dramatically.

I find the best places to use this are for Hellhounds, Dagannoth’s, and most other melee-based tasks in OSRS.

Where to Get: You can only buy these on the Grand Exchange, or you can make them at a very high herblore level of 90.

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