6 Best Slayer Tasks To Extend in OSRS

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The best Slayer task to extend would have to be Nechryael for experience, and Black Demons for profit.

In OSRS there are quite a lot of different tasks that you can be assigned by the Slayer masters, with each one earning you varying degrees of experience and/or money.

Many of these tasks have an “extend” option that can be unlocked by spending slayer points.

Extending a task increases the amount of monsters that you will have to kill to complete said task, usually by about 50% (for example, Bloodveld go from 130-200 to 200-250).

It’s a good idea to extend tasks that are efficient, good money-makers, or just enjoyable to do (with the last one being entirely subjective).

So let’s take a better look and see which tasks are worth extending.


6. Gargoyles

The gargoyles underneath the slayer tower / OSRS
The gargoyles underneath the slayer tower.

Gargoyles are everyone’s first good “money task” (Kurask are good too, but they’re so rare that you barely see them).

I say this because they’re the first slayer monster a new player will unlock, that has both consistently good drops, and isn’t total garbage to kill (looking at you, Wyrms).

Their drop-table consists mainly of alchable items, such as Rune full helms, a few runes, and a lot of valuable smithing supplies (bars and ores).

A lot of the drops are noted too, so you won’t be needing a lot of inventory space to pick them all up.

Just don’t forget your Rock Hammer and you’re good to go!


5. Skeletal Wyverns

Players safespotting Skeletal Wyverns / Old School RuneScape
Players safespotting Skeletal Wyverns.

Up next we’ve got a slightly polarizing task that provokes mixed feelings amongst the community.

Depending on your prefered play-style and level, Skeletal Wyverns can range from being “The best task ever” to “Annoying” to say the least.

Though their drops are excellent, their stats on the other hand are quite high, and they can prove problematic to unprepared or inexperienced players.

To alleviate this problem, low-level players can use ranged attacks to lure the wyverns at certain spots and make them safe-spottable (not even their magical attacks can’t hit you).

Doing this method you’ll only have to click a few times every couple of minutes, to pick up your loot and lure a new wyvern to its doom.


4. Dust Devils

The dust devils of the catacombs / OSRS
The dust devils of the catacombs.

Ah, Dust Devils.

Initially you might look at them and think “What’s so special about these guys? They seem like yet another monster with some good drops.”, and you’d be correct if it weren’t for one tiny detail.

Ancient Magicks!

Allow me to explain:

The offensive Ancient Magick spells, bursts and barrages, can be used to simultaneously hit up to 9 different targets in a 3×3 radius.

A common strategy with dusties (and some other monsters) is to lure a bunch of them to a single place using a quick-hitting weapon (like darts or knives), and then kill them all at the same time using magic.

This results in a much higher experience per hour than what you’d normally get by killing them individually – plus you’ll complete your task much faster.

Dust Devils are one of the best tasks to burst/barrage, for both XP and profit alike.

You can use this method in all three places that Dusts can be found, though I’d highly recommend the Catacombs of Kourend for the additional Ancient Shard and Dark Totem drops.


3. Bloodveld

The best room to cannon mutated bloodveld / Old School RuneScape
The best room to cannon mutated bloodveld.

Bloodveld come in two different variants: regular and mutated.

Mutated Bloodveld take slightly longer to kill than the normal ones, but to compensate they have better drops, and are better slayer experience per hour.

With the addition of the master quest “Sins of the Father” back in 2020, a new multi-combat spot where players can cannon mutated bloodveld became available (Meiyerditch Laboratories).

This turned bloodveld from being a “good task” into one of the best of them all.

Definitely worth extending!


2. Black Demons

The demonic gorilla caves / OSRS
The demonic gorilla caves.

Now this one requires a little bit of context to understand.

Black Demons are very high level monsters that can be found all across Gielinor.

These demons have a large amount of hitpoints, and their drop-table can be considered “lackluster” to say the least.

Both of those factors make Black Demons a horrible task for many players, seeing they’ll be spending a good amount of time killing them, only to end up with 50k worth of loot to show for.

Thankfully, a few other creatures are considered “black demons” for the sake of a slayer task – with the best of them being the Demonic Gorillas.

Demonic Gorillas are demi-bosses that can be fought during and after the quest “Monkey Madness 2”. Their regular drops are excellent, but what everyone killing them is after is the coveted Zenyte Shard, worth over 14 million coins.

These gorillas are quite tough to kill, so it’s recommended to block any Black Demon tasks until you’re properly equipped and leveled.


1. Nechryael

Player bursting Nechryael / Old School RuneScape
Player bursting Nechryael.

Have you ever wanted to combine amazing experience rates with superb drops?

Then boy, do I have the monster for you!

Nechryael are yet another member of the “burst tasks” family, meaning the best and recommended way of killing them is through the use of ancient magicks.

Just like Dust Devils, Nechryael can be killed in the Catacombs of Kourend en masse.

Due to their slightly annoying “Death Spawn” mechanic, they might require slightly more work to wrangle, but man are they worth it.

After a single task, you’ll be usually coming out with a couple millions worth of loot, plus about 60k slayer experience!

Tip: Bring a few casts of blood burst/barrage with you to heal up if your HP gets low.

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