Top 6 Best Slayer Tasks To Unlock in OSRS

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There are a bunch of tasks that you can unlock by spending slayer points, but the best one by far is the task for Tzhaar.

Depending on what kind of player you are, and what style of slayer you enjoy, these are some of the best tasks to unlock:

  • Tzhaar (good slayer experience, can be freely skipped)
  • Vampyres (very afk, 1/1500 chance for a very expensive drop)
  • Basilisks (semi-afk, decent regular drops with a 1/1000 to hit the jackpot)
  • Aviansie (recommended to only unlock if you’re going to do the boss)
  • Boss tasks (again, recommended for high-level players)
  • Additional Wilderness tasks (highly recommended if you’re doing wildy slayer)

These tasks are mainly targeted towards experienced and well-equipped slayers that need something new to spice up their life. If you’re a new player that has just begun their slayin’ adventures, you can safely ignore most of these tasks.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look, and analyze the benefits of each of the aforementioned unlocks.

Note: You’ll have to use one of the higher-level slayer masters to be able to receive any of these tasks. Anyone below Chaeldar will most likely not be able to assign them to you.


6. Aviansie

Battling Aviansies in the Godwars Dungeon / Old School RuneScape
Battling Aviansies in the Godwars Dungeon.

Aviansie are called the bird-like warriors that follow the god Armadyl.

They can be solely found in the God Wars Dungeon (and the part of it that’s inside the Wilderness), and are aggressive towards anyone that isn’t wearing an Armadyl-related item.

There are two main reasons that you might want to unlock Aviansie as a slayer task:

  • You’re an Ironman that needs a good amount of Adamantite bars.
  • You want to kill the boss, Kree’arra, that drops the coveted Armadyl ranged armour set.

Both of these are very valid, though the latter is usually only done (efficiently) in the very late game of OSRS.

The ability to unlock Aviansie as a task is called “Watch the birdie”, and costs 80 slayer points.

Tip: if you complete the Hard Fremennik Achievement Diary, regular Aviansie will drop the adamantite bars in noted form.


5. Vampyres

Group of players killing Vyrewatch Sentinels / OSRS
Group of players killing Vyrewatch Sentinels.

When we’re talking about Vampyres, there are a bunch of different creatures that one can kill to progress their slayer task. The ones that most players tend to gravitate towards the most are the Vyrewatch Sentinels.

These guys and gals can be found and fought inside the Vampyre city of Darkmeyer, more specifically around the upper parts of it.

Vyrewatch Sentinels are always aggressive towards players that aren’t wearing the Vyre Noble attire, so they’re great for anyone out there that enjoys playing RuneScape while doing something else on their second monitor.

Their regular drops are decent, but there’s also a 1/1500 chance that you’ll find a Blood Shard that’s worth about 8 million after every single kill.

The ability to unlock Vampyres as a task is called “Actual Vampyre Slayer”. and costs 80 slayer points.

Note: Vyrewatch Sentinels can only be fought after completion of the master quest “Sins of the father”.


4. Boss Tasks

Getting the Boss Sarachnis as a slayer task / Old School RuneScape
Getting the Boss Sarachnis as a slayer task.

Up next we’ve got more of a collective of monsters, instead of just a single one.

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear, boss tasks are exactly what it sounds like.

When getting a new task, a slayer master has a chance to assign you one of many Old School RuneScape’s bosses, as an alternative to a regular task.

The best thing about it is that you get to pick the exact amount of kills that you’ll have to do, with the lowest option being 3, and the highest one being 35 (slowly increasing up to 50 with each combat achievement tier completion).

On top of that, the bonuses of the Slayer Helmet work during any boss task.

There are some restrictions associated with a few of the tasks, like having 70 Agility for Commander Zilyana, but nothing crazy so don’t worry about it.

The ability to unlock bosses as a task is called “Like a boss”. and costs 200 slayer points.


3. Basilisks

The basilisks of the Island of Stone / OSRS
The basilisks of the Island of Stone.

Basilisk tasks have multiple similarities with vampyres.

To complete your task, you can choose to kill the easy or hard variety of the monster, with the hard one having better drops, and a 1/1000 “jackpot” item in the form of the Basilisk jaw.

The basilisk knights attack using melee and magic attacks, but they can safespotted behind some rocks, in conjunction with the “Protect from Magic” prayer.

The ability to unlock basilk tasks from Nieve, Konar, and Duradel is called “Like a boss”. and costs 200 slayer points.

Note: The basilisk knights can only be fought after completing the master quest “The Fremennik Exiles”.


2. Additional Wilderness Tasks

Unlocking the bonus wilderness tasks / Old School RuneScape
Unlocking the bonus wilderness tasks.

Once again, this one is an unlock that grants access to a group of monsters, just like boss tasks did.

There’s a lot of reasons to try doing Wilderness Slayer, with some of the most notable being:

  • An expanded tertiary drop table
  • Larran’s Keys
  • The best point per task ratio in the game.

If you’re planning to follow the path of Wilderness Slayer, Jellies, Nechryaels, Dust Devils, and Abyssal Demons are all great tasks to have available in your roster.

Just be careful to only take what you can afford to lose, since PvP is enabled in the Wilderness and other players can attack you.

The ability to unlock extra wilderness monsters is called “I Wildy More Slayer”. and costs 0 points.

That’s right, it’s absolutely free!


1. Tzhaar

The inner city of Mol-Ul-Rek / OSRS
The inner city of Mol-Ul-Rek.

Now for the real good stuff.

Tzhaar tasks are really good for a wide variety of players.

On a base level, you can battle the denizens of Mol Ul Rek for a chance at getting obsidian weaponry or parts of the obsidian armour set.

In addition, when you’re assigned Tzhaar as your slayer task, you are given the option to take on the Fight Caves instead.

Completing the whole challenge will net you a grand total of 37k slayer experience, but if you’re not in the mood of doing that, you can just go in and out of the cave and skip the task free of charge!

Players that have trouble getting their first Fire Cape should highly consider getting a Tzhaar task before an attempt, since the Slayer Helmet’s bonuses will work throughout the caves.

Lastly, players with at least one completion of The Inferno have the option of going after TzKal-Zuk instead of just Jad.

The ability to unlock Tzhaar as a task is called “Hot Stuff” and costs 100 points.

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