Slayer in OSRS: Why Train It & What Are The Benefits?

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Slayer is a combat related skill where players will kill specific monsters designated to them by a slayer master. The slayer master will ask that a specific number be killed, and each kill will provide slayer experience. Once you complete a slayer task, you’ll need to re-visit a slayer master for a new assignment.

As you level up the skill, new monsters will be available to kill, such as Kurasks at level 70 slayer, and Hydras at level 95 slayer.

Ultimately, slayer is slow to level up.

However, it is easily the most rewarding skill in the game, because the drops from high level slayer monsters can be worth a lot of money.


So Why Train Slayer?

Slayer’s important for almost everyone in OSRS, but especially for ironmen, because there’s a variety of best in slot gear that’s locked behind certain monsters in the skill.

So to truly max out your setup, you’ll need to train slayer.

Not to mention that a high slayer level is a requirement for quests such as Monkey Madness II.


Which Slayer Master Should You Use?

There are a total of 9 slayer masters in OSRS, all of which offer different levels of tasks, and are each designed for particular combat levels.

Of these 9 masters, I would recommend only using Turael, Krystilia, Konar, and Duradel.

Turael is likely the first master you’ll ever use as a beginner, and has no requirements to obtain a task from. He offers very low level tasks which are perfect for beginners. And he has the unique ability to reset any task.

This ability is often used by high level players to farm for slayer points.

Krystilia only offers tasks in the Wilderness. And she grants the highest amount of points out of any of the slayer masters.

These tasks also have a chance to drop Larrens Keys, which are a fantastic money maker.

Konar requires a minimum of level 75 combat, and is located at the top of Mount Karuulm. She’s unique in that the tasks she assigns must be done in specific places.

For example, she might assign Bloodvelds and ask that they be done in the Slayer Tower. So only those Bloodvelds will count towards the task.

All of her tasks have the ability to drop Brimstone Keys too, which can be used on the Brimstone Chest next to her for extra rewards.

She’s also the only master to assign Wyrms, Drakes, and Hydras.

And the highest level slayer master (and best for consistent experience) is Duradel.

He’s located in Shilo Village, and he’ll normally only assign very high level monsters as slayer tasks – such as Hellhounds and Black Demons.

He’ll also assign his tasks in large amounts. But Duradel also requires you to have a minimum combat level of 100, and a slayer level of at least 50.

Ankou OSRS Slayer Battle Screenshot
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What Are The Benefits of Training Slayer?

Slayer is a great skill to train because higher level slayer monsters (such as Skeletal Wyverns and Gargoyles) all have very lucrative drop tables, which can make you very rich.

In fact, slayer is probably the best money maker in all of OSRS.

For example, you can expect to farm almost 500k per hour killing Gargoyles. And this is a relatively low level slayer monster, only requiring level 75 slayer!

Players can even take this one step further and fight Slayer Bosses such as Kraken, Cerberus, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, and the Alchemical Hydra.

Killing these bosses requires a very high slayer level, but you can make anywhere from 1m – 3m per hour.

Going beyond the money making element, slayer has some of the rarest drops in OSRS all locked behind this skill.

Examples include the Occult Necklace, Primordial Crystal, Dragon Hunter Lance, and the Trident of the Seas.

Ironmen need to obtain these items to remain competitive, and normal accounts will want them for their excessively high values!

Untrimmed slayer cape with bloodhound pet in OSRS
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What Are Slayer Points?

Slayer Points are obtained each time you complete a task with some masters, like Krystilia giving 25 per task, and others like Duradel giving 15.

You’ll also get bonus points every 10th, 50th 100th 250th and 1000th task.

These points are used to upgrade your gear, make slayer tasks easier, unlock new slayer tasks, and can be used to skip or lengthen certain tasks.

Some of the most useful slayer gear (such as the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Ring) can only be unlocked by obtaining Slayer Points – the helmet and ring cost 400 and 300 points, respectively.

And you can only unlock boss tasks and special tasks (like Jad tasks) via Slayer Points. They provide you with a great advantage against some of OSRS’s toughest challenges too, since you’ll be able to use your slayer helmet bonuses against bosses!

Ultimately if you’re training slayer, these points are extremely useful. And you’ll want to unlock as many goodies as you can with them.

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