OSRS Spirit Flakes: Locations, What They Do & Best Uses

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Spirit Flakes can be obtained by fighting (and subduing) Tempoross in its Cove.

These are untradeable and cannot be alched.

While the boat to the Tempoross Cove is located in Al Kharid, both the location and the minigame are restricted to Member players and completely off limits for free-to-play.


The Tempoross Menace

Fighting Tempoross / Old School RuneScape
Fighting Tempoross

Tempoross is a Fishing-oriented Boss that requires a minimum of 35 Fishing. Optionally, the player may also make use of their Cooking and Construction abilities.

This encounter doesn’t involve Combat skills; While you may fail the encounter if Tempoross is enraged, it cannot kill the player by any means.

All you need is a harpoon to catch Harpoonfish, a rope, and maybe some buckets!

Note: while Tempoross is a group activity, certain strategies allow players to defeat it by themselves, given no other players are present on that world.

The Boat’s Location in Al-Kharid (Map) / OSRS
The Boat’s Location in Al-Kharid (Map)

To get to the cove, simply use the boat located in Al-Kharid’s shores to travel.

Once you get there, you’ll find a bank chest and a dock with a large ship. Boarding it will put you in queue for the minigame!

Upon successfully subduing the Tempoross, you’ll receive reward permits according to the amount of contribution points they’ve obtained. This rewards players that engage more actively and contribute towards the kill.

Once you’re done, you can simply board the ship again to start another run, resupply at the bank chest, or leave the Cove.


Fishing on the Reward Pool

The Reward Pool / OSRS
The Reward Pool

Reward permits can be used to fish by the pool just south of the dock with a small fishing net. For each catch, you will lose one reward permit and roll the Tempoross loot table once.

The loot table offers a large variety of raw fish (Depending on your level), caskets, some unique rewards, and spirit flakes!

More specifically, the spirit flakes have a 25% chance with each permit, and come in amounts of 32-64 per catch.

The pool is infinite and always available as long as you have reward permits, so whether you fish after each game or use them all at once is up to you! Additionally, you may leave the Cove and come back later to get your rewards.

But with that said, what are Spirit Flakes used for?


Fishing with Spirit Flakes

Fishing with Spirit Flakes / OSRS
Fishing with Spirit Flakes

When Spirit Flakes are available in your inventory, catching any fish (excluding Tempoross and Camdozaal Ruins) has a 50% chance of doubling your catch.

This means that you may obtain an additional free fish!

The bonus fish grants no bonus XP, and one Spirit Flake is consumed each time you obtain a fish, regardless of the effect triggering or not. Additionally, they don’t replace the need for bait (For example, fly fishing will still require feathers).

This makes for a great way to stock up on supplies, mostly in bigger and slower fish such as Anglerfish, which take a while to obtain.

On the other hand, this is not recommended for smaller or quicker fish such as Karambwan or Salmon.


The Spirit Angler Outfit

The Spirit Angler Set / OSRS
The Spirit Angler Set

If you’d like something fancier, then the Spirit Angler set may pique your interest.

This is a recolor of the regular Angler set obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame, which boosts the XP obtained from Fishing activities.

The Spirit Angler set offers the same bonuses as the regular version, and resembles the outfit worn by the fishermen in the Cove.

Additionally, while fighting Tempoross, the Spirit version will allow you to tether to poles without having a rope! This will save an inventory slot and slightly boost your XP rates.

With proper teleports, this method can yield upwards of 350k GP per hour. While it’s somewhat humble and doesn’t give any XP rewards or unlocks, it can be a world of difference to newer players that are feeling stuck!

Gita Prymes in the Cove / Old School RuneScape
Gita Prymes in the Cove

To obtain it, speak to Gita Prymes inside the Cove.

She will recolor your Angler outfit for the cost of 1200 Spirit Flakes per piece.

This would mean that the entire Spirit Angler set is worth 4,800 Flakes!

While this may be a bit expensive, this is definitely worth it for the convenience it brings to the Tempoross fight, if you’re planning on camping it during your Fishing efforts.

Note: once the set piece is unlocked, Gita will change it back and forth at no additional cost, as many times as you’d like. This, of course, will not refund the Spirit Flakes you’ve spent.


The Great Blue Heron

The Heron Pet / OSRS
The Heron Pet

Spirit Flakes have an additional use for those lucky enough to obtain the Heron pet, which belongs to the Fishing skill.

Using 3,000 Spirit Flakes on your pet will recolor it, morphing into a blue bird with a yellow beak. Some new dialogue will also be unlocked – it seems Spirit Flakes are addictive!

If you ever change your mind, feeding any raw fish to your pet will change it back to its original white appearance. Conversely, once unlocked, feeding it one Spirit Flake will change it back to the blue version.

This is a purely cosmetic application that may interest those who want to show off their Tempoross grind.

It may also help complete a fashionable blue outfit!

But whether you wish to optimize your Fishing supplies, enjoy a sailor look, or feed a pet bird, Tempoross and its rewards await you by the Cove.

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