OSRS: Should I Train Strength Or Attack First?

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This is a tough one to answer, because there’s a lot of debate on this topic amongst Old School RuneScape players even to this day. But I would recommend training strength before attack if you want to maximize your efficiency, and ultimately you’ll want to get to level 99 strength before level 99 attack.

The primary reason for this is because your strength level determines your maximum hit, while your attack level determines accuracy.

The higher you hit, the more experience you’ll gain long-term. Which means that if you train strength first you’ll level attack up faster than if you had trained attack first.

Strength is the most common combat-related level 99 that you’ll find in OSRS, since DPS is regarded as the most important aspect of combat.


Ideal Order To Level Strength and Attack?

Your attack level is very important early on, as it’ll determine the types of weapons you can equip.

As a result, you’ll need to train attack before strength in certain periods to be able to wield the best strength training weapons.

The most common method is for players to level up attack and strength simultaneously until around level 60 or 70, at which point players can use the Dragon Scimitar, Saradomin Sword, or Abyssal Bludgeon to focus on strength until level 99.

These weapons are all great for strength training. And they’re some of the best in slot to use until level 99 strength.

Alternatively, richer players can level up attack to level 75 and then buy a Ghrazi Rapier, Blade of Saeldor, or Inquisitor’s Mace. Then use those to level 99 strength, and then get to level 99 attack afterwards.

These three weapons are some of the most powerful in OSRS – and they can be used to train any of the three melee combat styles too, making these incredibly versatile.

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