Best Trout & Salmon Fishing Spots in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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If you’re a free-to-play player, the best spot to get your hands on some fresh trout or salmon is the Barbarian Village, while members have a few more options to choose from: with Shilo Village and the Seers’ Village being the best for P2P.

Trout and Salmon are low-level freshwater fish that can always be found and caught together in the same locations.

They require:

  • A fly fishing rod
  • Some feathers
  • And level 30 in Fishing (only 20 for the trout)

Similar to other freshwater fish, the catch-rate for these two fishies is incredibly high and quick. So they’re a very popular choice for many players that wish to level their fishing skill.


Best F2P Trout & Salmon Spots

Even though non-members have access to two areas for fly fishing (being the river near Lumbridge and Barbarian Village), only the latter is worth mentioning.

There are no requirements whatsoever attached to any of these places (or any aggressive monsters to watch out for), but Barbarian Village is closer to a bank, thus making it the superior spot.

You also have access to the nearby Grand Exchange, should you wish to stock up on some more feathers, or just sell your fish for some coin.

Lastly, the Barbarian Village fishing spot is an excellent location for anyone who wants to socialize – or even maybe make some new friends!

Socializing at Barbarian Village Fishing Spot / OSRS

Best Member Trout & Salmon Spots

As mentioned earlier, members have quite a lot more options available to them (more than 10 to be specific).

But we’re just going to mention the top two among them.

First up, we’ve got the absolute best place for all your trout-and-salmon-catching needs: Shilo Village.

The river here flows directly through the village, leaving the fishing spots always within viewing distance from the bank.

It’s worth noting that entry to the village is blocked until you complete the “Shilo Village” experienced quest.

A view of Shilo Village river / OSRS

Pictured above: a view of Shilo Village river

If you want to get straight into the action without having to mess with any pesky quests, then a small lake right above the Seers’ Village bank is the place for you.

Though this bank is a bit further than Shilo’s, it’s still closer than any of the other spots.

And it can be reached with only one click.

Plus, you’ve got a couple highwaymen keeping you company.

Fishing north of Seers’ Village / OSRS

Tips For Your Fishing Trips

We’ve already established that catching trout and salmon is a very popular method for training fishing, both for free players and members alike.

Because of that (and their general few uses only in some niche cooking recipes), the going price for either fish isn’t exactly high.

For this reason, many players opt to drop their freshly caught fish instead of banking them.

This is done to maximize their time spent fishing to earn the most experience possible.

With that in mind, if you’re solely after experience (and a member), consider giving Otto Godblessed near Baxtorian Falls a visit.

He can teach you how to catch leaping versions of trout and salmon, which reward more fishing (along with a small amount of strength and agility) experience.

Lastly, regardless of where or what you choose to fish, don’t forget to wear your Angler’s Outfit for an extra 2.5% bonus on your XP.

Plus be sure to wear your Rada’s Blessing for a chance at doubling your catch!

Talking to Otto near the waterfall / OSRS
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