OSRS: What’s The Best Tuna Fishing Spot? (F2P + P2P)

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The best locations to catch tuna for non-members are the Corsair Cove Resource Area and Karamja’s Musa Point, while members can find their best spots at the Fishing Guild and Land’s End.

Tunas are a low-tier fish that requires a harpoon and level 35 in Fishing to catch.

They’re found in Cage/Harpoon spots, together with swordfish.

Tuna finds itself in the unfortunate position of being a harpoon-fish that isn’t a swordfish or a shark.

  • It’s relatively slow to catch compared to other seafood
  • It doesn’t give a lot of experience when caught
  • And it doesn’t heal that much either

All of the above make tuna something that’s not really actively fished for – and it’s more of a by-product that someone acquires while going after swordfish.

But it’s worth mentioning that tuna is an ingredient for the endgame food “Tuna Potato”, so Ironmen might want to keep their tuna instead of trashing them.


Best F2P Tuna Spots

In most cases, you’ll likely either want to cook your caught fish, or store them in your bank for a later use.

So the best area for a free player to perform any of those activities is the Corsair Cove Resource Area, which is unlocked after completing the experienced quest “Dragon Slayer I”.

Completing the quest “The Corsair Curse” might as well be mandatory too, since it’s required to unlock the nearby bank.

The bank at the Corsair’s Cove / OSRS

But there is a good secondary spot that free players can check out.

Should you want to get straight into the action without having to bother with any quests, the fishing platform in Musa Point is the place for you.

After you’ve stuffed your inventory full of fish, you can go back to Port Sarim and use the deposit box near the monks to store your catch.

Rinse and repeat!

Note: this method requires having some extra coins in your inventory to pay for the back and forth boat trips (30gp at a time).

Deposit box near the monks / OSRS

Best P2P Tuna Spots

The number one spot to catch tuna as a member has to be, without a doubt, at the Fishing Guild.

The benefits of the guild come in two forms:

  • First, the fishing spots (all of them, not just for tuna) are numerous and very close to the bank – which can be accessed with a single click.
  • Second (and most important) is the invisible +7 boost that all players receive while inside the guild, which makes all fish easier to catch.

Keep in mind that only players with 68 fishing can access the Fishing Guild, although an admiral pie will drop that requirement down to 63.

The fishing guild’s platforms / OSRS

If you lack the level to access the Fishing Guild, then a small fishing hamlet by the name of Land’s End is a good secondary option.

This is located in south-east Kourend.

Take a few steps west of the bank and you’ll find a small assortment of fishing spots, free for you to use.

Standing West of Land’s End / OSRS

Fishing Trip Supplies

As we mentioned before, you’re going to need a harpoon if you want to catch tuna.

OSRS currently has 5 different types of harpoons.

  • The regular and the barb-tail harpoon (exactly the same, except the latter can be equipped)
  • The Dragon harpoon, which has a 20% better catch-rate.
  • The Infernal harpoon which has the same catch-rate as dragon, except it cooks 1/3 of your catches. Must be recharged after 5000 uses.
  • The Crystal harpoon, which is the absolute best in the game with a 35% faster catch-rate. Not recommended for catching tuna since charges can be expensive.

If you’ve been trained by Otto Godblessed in the ancient barbarian ways, you can also catch tuna using nothing but your bare fists.

Using this Barbarian method requires 55 Fishing and 35 Strength, and it earns you an additional 8 strength experience per fish caught.

Also, wearing the full Angler’s Outfit will boost all your experience earned by 2.5%.

And wearing a Rada’s Blessing (depending on its tier) will give you a chance between 2%-8% of doubling your catch.

Plus here’s a couple other items you might bring with you:

If you’ve faced the mighty Tempoross and lived to tell the tale, you might have gotten your hands on a Fish Barrel. This will allow you to store an extra 28 raw fish inside it.

Or you might have some Spirit flakes which have a 50-50 chance of doubling any fish caught (while being consumed in the process).

Catching a tuna bare-handed / OSRS
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