OSRS: Complete Turael Skipping Guide

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In Old School RuneScape, Turael skipping/boosting can be used to either avoid undesirable slayer tasks, or as a method to quickly build up slayer points.

Let’s start by explaining the basics:


How Slayer Task Milestones Works

Slayer points are a reward system that’s directly tied with the completion of slayer tasks.

A set amount of points are rewarded after a slayer task is finished, with more points being awarded from higher level Slayer Masters (Konar gives you the most). You can only start earning slayer points from your fifth task and onwards (tasks 1 to 4 give no points).

Additionally, tasks from Turael and Spria give no points.

In addition, every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th task are considered “milestone tasks”. These give an increased amount of slayer points, starting with x5 times the normal amount, and going all the way up to x50 times on the 1000th task.

These slayer points can be used on a multitude of things, such as:

  • Blocking or canceling a task
  • Extending certain tasks
  • Unlocking new task monsters (like Vampyres and Tzhaar)
  • Learning how to create slayer equipment (like a Slayer Helmet or Broad ammunition)
  • Buying slayer items
  • And lots more

How Turael Skipping Works

But so then what is Turael skipping?

Turael is the lowest level slayer master in OSRS, and by design he gives out the easiest (and quickest) tasks.

Turael skipping/boosting is the act of completing 9 easy tasks from Turael, and then completing the 10th task from your highest level slayer master. The purpose is to take advantage of the “milestone task” system and earn points in a much quicker fashion.

Although there aren’t any required items for this method, we should start by going over some equipment & gear that could be useful during your grind for points.

Note: Turael Skipping may also refer to the act of canceling your current task in favor of an easier one. This can be accomplished by talking to Turael and asking for an easier task, after you’ve gotten one from a different slayer master. This is usually done by high-level players that want to target specific tasks (like Hydras or Smoke devils) but don’t want to waste all their slayer points canceling tasks.

Forgoing your current task for an easier one from Turael will completely reset your task spree and set you back down to 0.


Suggested Gear for Point Boosting


Item 1: Dwarven Multicannon

Buying a cannon from Nulodion / OSRS
Buying a cannon from Nulodion

While most of your gear isn’t important, there are 2 things that are basically a must-have to make Turael Boosting much faster.

First is the Dwarven Multicannon.

This is the perfect tool for killing multiple enemies as quickly as possible.

Since most of the creatures assigned by Turael have very low hitpoints, the cannon is usually going to be able to kill them with a single shot.

A cannon can either be bought from the Grand Exchange, or from Nulodion near Ice Mountain for 750k after the completion of the aptly-named quest “Dwarf Cannon” (the quest is also required to use the cannon itself).

The cannonballs used as the cannon’s ammo can also be bought from the G.E., or smithed at a furnace with a steel bar and an ammo mould.

The rest of your gear isn’t really important, since the cannon will be putting in most of the work. For that reason, it’s advised to wear your best ranging gear and a quick weapon like a blowpipe or magic shortbow to increase your cannon’s accuracy.


Item 2: Expeditious Bracelet

Making bracelets at Edgeville / Old School RuneScape
Making bracelets at Edgeville

Another incredibly useful item for point boosting is the Expeditious Bracelet.

Wearing this bracelet gives each slayer kill a 1/4 chance of counting as 2 kills, essentially cutting down your time by a whopping 25%.

Each bracelet starts out with 30 charges, and consumes one every time the effect is triggered. After all the charges are used, the bracelet will crumble to dust, and a new one must be equipped.

Expeditious bracelets can be bought from other players, or crafted at a furnace with a silver bar, a cut opal, and a bracelet mould (you’ll also need to enchant it afterwards).


Helpful Teleportation Tools

Teleporting around Gielinor / OSRS
Teleporting around Gielinor

Speed is the name of the game here.

The faster we complete the 9 tasks from Turael, the more points we’ll be able to get per hour.

And all of the monsters that Turael can assign are very low level (like rats or skeletons), so you won’t need any food while killing them.

This means we can dedicate our inventory slots to teleportation items that will help us get to the task locations quickly.

Many players use different locations for each of the tasks (so sometimes there’s no definitive “best” place), but here are some items that I’d recommend to have on you at all times while boosting:

  • Slayer ring (teleports for tasks like Banshees and cave Crawlers)
  • Ring of Dueling (teleports for Scorpions and Wolves)
  • Ectophial (Undead cows count both for cows and zombies)
  • Teleport to House tabs and Scrolls of redirection
  • Ice coolers (to kill desert lizards)
  • Fairy Rings (any method is OK, just having access to them)
  • Xeric’s Talisman (teleport to chickens)
  • All elemental runes and laws runes (while on the normal Spellbook)

Depending on where you’re killing, feel free to add or remove some of these.

The list above is merely a suggestion, and not the be-all end-all.


Other Useful Items & Tips for Turael Skipping

And lastly, consider these non-essential yet useful items while boosting for slayer points:

  • The Soulbearer can be used to teleport any ensouled heads directly to your bank
  • A Herb Sack can store up to 30 of each grimy herb (requires 58 Herblore to unlock)
  • Stamina Potions (no more walking)
  • The Kandarin Headgear functions as an inextinguishable light source in your inventory.
  • A Rune Pouch can hold up to 3 different kinds of runes, saving some valuable inventory space

Tip: Did you know that a high Construction level accompanied by an upgraded house is a godsend for traversing Gielinor? The Portal Nexus can hold every single teleport available from any Spellbook, except 10 (of which only Lassar is useful).

On top of that, a Fairy ring and/or Spirit Tree can be planted in your Superior garden, making your house an even better teleportation hub.

And lastly, the lunar spell “Npc Contact” can be used to get tasks from Turael from anywhere in OSRS – saving time by skipping the need of talking to him in person.

Happy boosting!

Cannoning undead cows near the Ectofuntus / Old School RuneScape
Cannoning undead cows near the Ectofuntus
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