How To Get Unicorn Horns on Ironman in OSRS

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We would suggest three great locations for farming unicorn horns, depending on your stats and unlocks:

  1. South of Woodcutting Guild
  2. The Ardougne Zoo
  3. Unicows at the Tower of Life (best for Ironman)

Feel free to pick whichever is the most convenient based on what you’ve got!

Unicorn Horns are used as a Herblore ingredient, generally obtained as a drop from Unicorn-like creatures. When ground, they can be used to create Antipoison, Superantipoison, and Sanfew Serums.

And while Unicorns can be found and killed in free-to-play worlds, Unicorn Horns would serve no use to Free players. As a result, they can only be obtained by P2P players, at a 100% drop rate.


Location 1: South of Woodcutting Guild

WC Guild Location and Routes / OSRS
WC Guild Location and Routes

Pictured above: routes on the map offering the best way to reach this Unicorn location.

The Woodcutting Guild is located in Great Kourend, south of Shayzien and west of Hosidius. This area has 5 Unicorn respawns, which is the highest of any location in the game!

They roam around the area near the magic trees below.

In order to get there, we recommend the following teleports:

  1. Skills Necklace teleport (Woodcutting Guild)
  2. Xeric’s Talisman teleport (Lookout) and running around the Guild (Yellow line)
  3. Xeric’s Talisman teleport (Glade) and running west (Red line)
  4. Travel to Land’s End (Veos at Port Sarim or Piscarilius), then run northeast (Pink line)

Getting a Xeric’s Talisman is highly recommended, as it’s the main way of teleporting around Zeah.

On the other hand, in order to use the Skills Necklace, you must have traveled to Zeah at least once beforehand.

Traveling to Land’s End is definitely slower, since the run is long and Veos is inconvenient to get to.

Unicorns are creatures with a Combat Level of 15, have 19 Hitpoints, and attack with Melee. Since they should pose no threat to players that need unicorn horns in bulk, it is recommended not to bring food in order to free up inventory slots.

Killing Unicorns in Great Kourend / OSRS
Killing Unicorns in Great Kourend

Once you’ve had enough (or your inventory is full), you can either bank inside the Guild (With level 60 and 75% Hosidius favor), or head southwest to Land’s End where there’s a bank chest available.

Rinse and repeat!

Note: while this spot can be considered suboptimal, it has little requirements and is never contested due to its niche location. The biggest downside (if your Agility level is rather low) is that running back and forth may result in running out of Energy.


Location 2: The Ardougne Zoo

Teleports and Routes to the Zoo / OSRS
Teleports and Routes to the Zoo

Pictured above: map routes to the Ardougne Zoo

Two unicorn respawns are available inside one of the cages at the East Ardougne Zoo, in the south end of the city. These share the same stats as the ones in Great Kourend.

In order to get to the Zoo, we recommend these teleports:

  • Ardougne Teleport and running south (Yellow line)
  • Fairy Ring teleport (White circle; see below for details)
  • Ardougne Cloak 1+ teleport and running north (Cyan line)

Ardougne teleports require completion of the Biohazard quest. On the other hand, Ardougne Cloak is obtained after completing any level of the Ardougne Achievement Diary.

Killing Unicorns at the Ardougne Zoo / OSRS
Killing Unicorns at the Ardougne Zoo

Unlike other cages, this one may be entered with a fairy ring (B-I-S) located inside. This requires the player to have started the Fairytale Pt. II quest.

That allows you to teleport in, fill up you inventory, and teleport out to a nearby bank (Zanaris is optimal).

After that, you can use the same fairy ring again to repeat the process!

Additionally, players can kill these Unicorns from outside the cage with magic or ranged. This is generally not recommended due to the use of resources, and the need to Telegrab the loot afterwards at the cost of Law Runes, which can be valuable to Ironmen.

The zookeepers don’t seem to mind, though.

So pay Ardougne a visit if you’re interested!


Location 3: Killing Unicows at the Tower of Life

Tower of Life Location and Teleports / OSRS
Tower of Life Location and Teleports

Pictured above: best routes on the map to get to the Tower of Life

Unicows are Level 25 monsters that may be summoned in the basement of the Tower of Life, after completion of its respective quest. This is located south of Ardougne, just east of the Monastery.

We recommend the following teleports to get there:

  • Fairy Ring to Tower of Life (D-J-P) (White circle)
  • Ardougne Cloak teleport and running East (Yellow)
  • Teleport to Ardougne and running South (Cyan)

The fairy ring leaves you just outside the Tower, and the Monastery is just west of the building.

Ardougne teleports, on the other hand, are not recommended since they’re further away, have higher requirements, and will use 2 Law Runes per teleport.

Fighting Unicows in the Basement / OSRS
Fighting Unicows in the Basement

Unicows can be summoned one at a time by using a cowhide and a unicorn horn, specifically in their north-western altar.

They’ll attack as soon as they appear.

With 24 Hitpoints and a max hit of 4, they should pose no threat to mid-level players.

Upon death, Unicows will always drop 2-4 unicorn horns, which will be noted after completion of the medium Ardougne Achievement Diary.

This the easiest and fastest way for Ironmen to stock up on horns by a long shot!

When your inventory is full (or you’ve used up all your cowhides), teleport to a bank, resupply, and come back for more. This is a really quick process too, as it’s rarely ever crowded here, and no one can attack the Unicows you’ve summoned.

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