Best Ways To Farm Easy Clues in OSRS

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The best way of getting easy clue scrolls is mostly subjective, depending on things like how much you want to spend or what skill you want to train.

There’s a wide variety of monsters and activities that can reward you with an easy clue scroll, although these are some of your best options:

  • Opening Gourmet Impling jars (fastest but most expensive method)
  • Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members (second fastest)
  • Cannoning Goblins
  • Killing Thugs in the Wilderness

Easy clues are the second tier of scrolls (out of 6), and are part of one of Old School Runescape’s most popular and beloved minigames, Treasure Trails. Treasure Trails task players with solving a series of puzzles, riddles, and various other challenges, in search of a casket that may contain coveted and priceless treasure!

Because easy clue scrolls are, well, easy to complete (even by newcomers), the methods and monsters that reward them are also very simple and not difficult at all.

So don’t expect incredible exp gains out of any of them.


Best Methods for Easy Clues


1. Opening Gourmet Impling Jars

Opening gourmet jars for easy clues / OSRS
Opening gourmet jars for easy clues.

Just like every other tier of clue, the fastest way of obtaining an easy one is to open some sort of Impling jars, and this time it’s Gourmets.

Gourmet Implings have a 1/25 chance of dropping an easy clue, which makes the average cost of getting one about 90k coins.

If you don’t want to spend outrageous amounts of cash to get multiple easy clues, you can always try hunting the implings yourself (best done at Puro-Puro), though this method is obviously going to be much slower than outright buying them.

Note: Catching Gourmet Implings requires 28 Hunter.


2. Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members

Pickpocketing H.A.M. members / Old School RuneScape
Pickpocketing H.A.M. members.

Another quite popular method of getting easy clue scrolls is by pickpocketing H.A.M. members, in their hideout located slightly northwest of the Lumbridge Castle.

Pickpocketing the female members requires 15 Thieving and rewards 18,5 experience, while the male ones require 20 Thieving and reward 22,2 experience.

The droprate of easy clues are the same (1/50) from both of them, so it’s recommended to only focus on pickpocketing the female members, due to the lower chance of being caught.

Tip: If your Thieving level is in the high nineties, you should focus on the male members for the slightly better experience rates.


3. Cannoning Goblins

Cannoning Goblins near the Lumbridge Mill / OSRS
Cannoning Goblins near the Lumbridge Mill.

Cannoning Goblins is one more slightly expensive method you could use to acquire an easy clue scroll – though this one is much cheaper than implings.

To do this, grab your Dwarf Multicannon, a few hundred cannonballs, and head straight to the building located west of the Lumbridge Mill.

Now all you do is stand approximately in the middle of the room, set up your cannon, load it with ammo, and go to town!

This method also gives you a small amount of Ranged exp, which is better than nothing.


4. Killing thugs in the Wilderness

The thugs of Edgeville dungeon / Old School RuneScape
The thugs of Edgeville dungeon.

The last method I’d like to showcase today is one that’s relatively unknown and very under the radar.

Thugs are low level NPCs that have the same 1/128 easy clue scroll droprate as many other creatures.

Wearing an imbued Ring of Wealth doubles said droprate all the way up to 1/64, but only when inside the Wilderness.

Unfortunately, if you die while wearing one, the Ring of Wealth will lose its imbue, even if you protect it on death (so you essentially lose 100k each time).

On the other hand, Thugs are located in very low Wilderness levels (and when I say low it’s literally level 1), so it’s extremely easy to teleport or escape any potential PKers. Plus Thugs have some decent drops like grimy herbs, which can help cover any losses.


Bonus Clue Hunting Tips

Before you go digging for treasure, take a look at these top tips that might prove useful in your hunts:

  • You can have multiple reward caskets but only a single clue scroll (of a tier) at any given time, so make sure to complete them as you get them.
  • Completing the Easy Combat Achievements increases the droprate of easy clues by 5% from all sources (except implings).
  • If killing Thugs in the Wilderness, make sure to only bring a total of 3 items ( usually a weapon, platebody, and platelegs), so that you don’t lose them in the case of an unfortunate death.
  • Multiple things can increase your chance of success when pickpocketing, such as the Thieving Cape, Gloves of Silence, and the hard Ardougne Diary.
Opening an easy clue reward casket / OSRS
Opening an easy clue reward casket
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