Best Ways To Get Medium Clues in OSRS

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In Old School there’s a variety of sources that can reward medium clue scrolls. Whether you want to train a certain skill while acquiring them, or get them as fast as possible, these are the best ways you should consider looking at:

  • Opening Eclectic Implings (Fastest but also most expensive method)
  • Catching Eclectic Implings (Costs nothing, requires 50 Hunter)
  • Killing Guards (Zero requirements)
  • Opening Stone Chests (Decent thieving training)

Medium clue scrolls are part of a larger activity called Treasure Trails, in which the player follows a series of cryptic hints, maps, and coordinates in order to find a coveted casket full of loot at the end of the trail.

There are five different tiers of clue scrolls based on their difficulty, ranging from easy all the way to master, and they all have their own unique reward pool (though they do share some of them).

As far as medium clues go, the vast majority of players doing them are after one specific item (which also happens to be the most expensive one by far), the Ranger Boots.

All in all, a fun treasure hunt with a chance of hitting the jackpot makes completing clue scrolls one of the most liked activities in the entirety of Old School RuneScape.


Getting Medium Clue Scrolls (All Methods)


Opening Eclectic Implings

Looting eclectic impling jars for clues / OSRS
Looting eclectic impling jars for clues.

Even though the clue scrolls themselves aren’t tradeable, there’s a way to indirectly purchase them through other players, and that’s by buying and opening Eclectic Impling Jars.

Opening these jars has a 1/25 chance of giving you a medium clue scroll, making this the absolute fastest way of getting one.

The only disadvantage of this method is the large amount of initial funds it requires (if the goal is completing the average amount of clues for a single pair of Ranger Boots).

Don’t forget to keep and sell all the other items you’ll get when opening these implings. It really helps with cutting down on losses!


Catching Eclectic Implings

Hunting implings at Puro-Puro / Old School RuneScape
Hunting implings at Puro-Puro

Similarly to the previous method, this one also revolves around eclectic implings, but this time we’re catching them on our own!

By hunting the creatures ourselves, we’re cutting down on any expenses, making this a much more profitable, albeit slower activity.

While it’s possible to find all kinds of implings on the overworld, we’ll be doing all the catching in the impling homeworld of Puro-Puro.

Once you get here, the strategy is very simple. Catch eclectic implings until your inventory is full, go to the nearby bank of Zanaris, rinse and repeat!

Something to be aware of, is that these implings will always spawn on the same tile.

If you manage to find their spawn, you can just stand next to it while waiting for the creature to respawn, and capture it immediately (no-one likes running around aimlessly).

Catching these implings requires 50 Hunter, and while completion of the “Lost City” quest isn’t needed, it’s recommended to do it anyway for optimal banking.


Killing Guards

Killing guards in Falador / OSRS
Killing guards in Falador

A long time ago, before the aforementioned flying usurpers dethroned them, killing guards was always the go-to method for getting medium clue scrolls.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing though!

Guards are weak, low level creatures that can be killed by basically anyone that has spent a few hours on Gielinor, making them appealing to all kinds of players.

One of the best places to murder said Guards is the Falador Square.

Here, not only can you find many of them within a small distance, but it’s also a multi-combat area – which means you can freely place down a dwarven multicannon and afk to your heart’s content.

If you yourself are low-leveled and run out of supplies, there’s a couple of banks inside the city where you can easily restock your inventory.


Opening Stone Chests

The stone chests inside the Lizardman temple / OSRS
The stone chests inside the Lizardman temple

The last activity worth talking about is opening the stone chests found inside the Lizardman Temple beneath Molch.

Upon successfully opening a stone chest, the player receives 200 Thieving exp and some loot, with a 1/100 chance of it being a medium clue scroll.

The rest of the items you can receive aren’t anything to write home about, though there are a few decent ones such as:

  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Ranarr seeds
  • Snapdragon seeds
  • Torstol seeds
  • An uncharged Xeric’s Talisman (especially useful if you didn’t already have one)

Should you fail to open the chest, there’s a 1/8 chance of getting teleported outside the temple, in an area inhabited by some aggressive lizardmen. Low level players are advised to always carry an anti-poison and a few pieces of food on them.


Extra Tips & Tricks

Here are a few extra things that all aspiring clue hunters should know:

  • You can only have one clue of every tier in any given time, so it’s always advised to either complete your current clue before going for another, or drop it if you can’t meet its requirements.
  • Fully completing a tier of Combat Achievements boosts the drop-rate of the corresponding clue by 5% (from all sources except implings).
  • Similarly, completion of the Falador Medium Diary increases the Guard’s clue drop-rate by 20%.
  • While hunting implings, consider using the Magic Butterfly Net which is an upgrade to the normal net.
  • Freezing spells, like snare and entangle, can be used on implings to prevent them from fleeing.
  • Carrying a lockpick increases your chances of successfully opening a stone chest.
  • Lastly, on the same topic, a Gem Bag can be used to store all your gems while thieving stone chests.
Average reward from a medium clue scroll / OSRS
Average reward from a medium clue scroll
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