The 5 Best Ways To Get Seeds in OSRS

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Farming is a great skill for resource collection that has a variety of uses! Training farming in OSRS is a great way to make money as you can farm high level herbs which are worth quite a lot of money.

Farming is also a great way to gather secondaries for training herblore, like snape grass for prayer potions.

So where can you get those elusive seeds to get started? Here’s some of my picks for great places to pick up seeds.


5. Mammoths

Battling Mammoths in OSRS

These large creatures are found in the wilderness just north of Edgeville and near the Ferox Enclave.

Plus they have a very generous drop table which is populated with a ton of different seeds.

The best seeds on the drop table are tree seeds, which are useful for gaining a lot of experience quickly. I would recommend these to lower level players, specifically ironmen, as they can be safespotted.

The only issue with mammoths is that they’re located within the wilderness, meaning you can be pk’ed quite easily.

Where to Find: Mammoths are located outside of the Ferox Enclave


4. Wintertod

Wintertod OSRS Screenshot

The Wintertod fight is one of the most popular minigames in OSRS, as it offers decent rewards and the best firemaking experience.

Wintertod drops supply crates, which have a lot of possible loot options, one of them being seeds!

You can obtain some really high level herb and tree seeds such as Snapdragon, Torstol, and Rannar seeds for herbs, and Yew and Magic seeds for trees.

So even if you don’t plan on farming your seeds, you can definitely sell them for a very large profit. And you will certainly run into quite of few of them here!

It’s important to note that the seeds you can obtain will scale based on your farming level, and total level in general.

Where to Find: Wintertod is located on the island of Zeah. You’ll need a minimum of 50 firemaking to enter.


3. Slayer Tasks

Nechryaels Slayer Battle in OSRS

Slayer takes a very long time to train, and you’ll kill tens of thousands of bosses and monsters on your way to level 99 slayer.

As a result, you’ll passively gather seeds as you train.

Some tasks (like Nechryaels) drop a whole lot of seeds which will make every single task highly profitable!

Ultimately it’ll be up to you to focus on certain tasks that could provide more seeds than others. But as a whole, slayer tasks are easily one of the best methods to get a ton of seeds over time.

Where to Find: All over Gielinor! This will depend on your slayer task at the time.


2. Giant Mole

Giant Mole Boss Battle in OSRS

The Giant Mole is one of the best bosses to farm for seeds, because technically all it drops are seeds!

More specifically, the Giant Mole drops mole skins and claws, which can be traded in for birds’ nests. And each bird’s nest will generally have a collection of seeds that you can take.

These range from very low level to high level seeds. But expect low level seeds to be more common.

With full Dharok or a Twisted Bow, you can easily get north of 60 kills an hour. Meaning that you’ll make a ton of profit off of the nests, while also profiting from the seeds on the side!

I highly recommend this method if you’re looking to get a bunch of seeds, because it’s also very good for money making at the same time.

Where to Find: Underneath Falador Park, dig on any of the mole burrows scattered around.


1. Master Farmers

Corner master farmer in OSRS

This is ultimately the best and fastest method for seeds in OSRS.

At level 38 thieving, a player can pickpocket Master Farmers for seeds.

This is highly profitable, and you can collect thousands of seeds fairly quickly this way.

Using a rouge’s outfit doubles your profit too, since everything you steal has a chance to be doubled. If you’re very efficient you can expect about 60 high-level seeds per hour here.

And at level 94 thieving, you’ll never fail a pickpocket on a master farmer.

I highly recommend completing the Ardougne hard diary too, as this gives you an extra 10% chance to not fail while pickpocketing.

Another method you could use would be incorporating Gloves of Silence to increase your overall odds.

And lastly, you won’t be able to get tree seeds off of master farmers. They only provide herb, hops, flower, allotment, bushes, and special seeds.

Where to Find: Master Farmers are scattered throughout OSRS. But the best locations to find them are at the Farming guild and Draynor Village. This is because those locations are very close to banks, which means you can restock on food and bank your seeds very quickly.

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