Best Ways To Get Slayer Points Fast in OSRS

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Slayer Points can only be obtained by completing assignments through the Slayer skill. This implies engaging in combat with a big amount and variety of enemies, chosen by your Slayer Master from a pool of options, at random.

While this means that your assignments will always be random (aside from some specific situations), there are three main methods to speed up your Slayer Points income:

  • Turael Boosting
  • Wilderness Slayer (Krystilia)
  • Highest Slayer Master Available

These options will be explained further below.

Note: while these methods prioritize gathering Slayer Points, experience rates are not contemplated and are likely to decrease.


Turael Boosting (Fastest Method)

Turael’s Hut in Burthorpe / Old School RuneScape
Turael’s Hut in Burthorpe

This is the quickest and most efficient way to gather Slayer Points, and is often farmed by high level players.

This makes use of the “task streak” system:

Every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, 500th or 1000th task will receive a multiplier to the amount of Slayer Points you would normally obtain when completed.

This bonus is static, but increases with your streak (Starting at x5, up to x50). Plus, you can use another Slayer Master and cancel tasks without losing your streak.

Low Level Task from Turael / Old School RuneScape
Low Level Task from Turael

This system allows players to use the easiest/fastest slayer master available, and then get a single slayer task from their best Slayer Master in order to get a big multiplier.

Specifically, players might do 9 Turael tasks, and do their 10th with Duradel or Konar.

This can be repeated as many times as desired.

Tip: this method is heavily recommended for those who can teleport around quickly, since this is easily the fastest and least risky option in this list.


Wilderness Slayer (Krystilia)

Krystilia in Edgeville’s Jail / Old School RuneScape
Krystilia in Edgeville’s Jail

Krystilia resides in her cell in Edgeville, near the Wilderness Ditch.

Her tasks can only be completed inside the dangerous PvP area, and she does not take the player’s combat level in consideration. This means that any monster could be assigned, as long as it’s not locked by quests (such as Green Dragons by Dragon Slayer).

To compensate for this, Krystilia offers the highest amount of Slayer Points in the game, even higher than Duradel or Konar.

It’s worth noting that Turael Boosting can’t be completed with Krystilia, as Wilderness tasks have a unique and separate task counter.

This means that you might have a 49 task streak everywhere else, but only a 3 task streak in the Wilderness.

The Wilderness Slayer Dungeon / Old School RuneScape
The Wilderness Slayer Dungeon

Additionally, monsters slain during this activity could have additional tertiary drops, such as Slayer Staff Enchantments and Larran’s Keys.

These will help increase your profits regardless of what you’re slaying.

Wilderness Slayer is definitely the riskiest option due to PKers roaming around, which means you could lose some money and some time. If you’re either brave or confident, Krystilia may be your best bet.


Farming the Highest Slayer Masters

Konar in Mount Quidamortem / Old School RuneScape
Konar in Mount Quidamortem

If the other two options seem complicated or risky, this last one may suit you.

This is a simple and more laid back method to get slayer points, although it’s definitely slower than the other two.

Every Slayer Master will reward a different amount of points after every task, the number increasing as they get more difficult.

This means that, while they may assign harder monsters, endgame Slayer Masters compensate for this with greater rewards.

Duradel in Shilo Village / Old School RuneScape
Duradel in Shilo Village

This method is a more indirect approach to farming Slayer Points, and is often chosen by players searching for bigger profits or XP rates. As a result, Slayer Points are more of a byproduct here, and stack up passively over time.

As long as you don’t skip every other task, players farming Duradel or Konar should be profiting Slayer Points in the long run (all while their bank value increases.)

This approach is recommended if you’d like a mix of everything.

And that’s it!

Slayer offers a variety of options to stock up on points. It all comes down to how quickly you want them, or how intensive you’d like your farming method to be. Ultimately it all comes down to participating in the skill, so get slaying.

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