The Best Ways To Train Runecrafting in OSRS

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Runecrafting is one of the more challenging skills to train.

Experience rates are notoriously low, it’s very click intensive, and it can be pretty repetitive and boring.

Despite all that, it can also be one of the most profitable skills to build up, with most players profiting hundreds of millions of gold on their way to 99.

But others players may aim for speed and try to maximize experience at the cost of income.

No matter what you’re going for, we’ve got some of the best training methods listed here to help you tackle Runecrafting and max out your account!


10. Tiara Crafting

Air Tiara Crafting in OSRS

If you’re just starting off then I recommend starting with tiaras before heading onto actual runes.

You’ll be spending some money to gain early levels, but the experience of 40-50k an hour makes it 100% worthwhile.

A fast player can get from level 1- 50 in about 3 hours.

How this method works is that you take an equal amount of talismans with blank Tiaras in your inventory to a respective altar.

Making Earth Tiaras is the cheapest method here, costing roughly 1.4m coins.


9. Double Cosmic Runes

Double Cosmic Runes OSRS Preview

Now let’s look at our first money making method of training: double cosmic runes.

You’ll need a minimum of level 59 Runecrafting to make x2 cosmic runes per pure essence.

To be able to do this method, you’ll also need to have completed the quest “Lost City”.

The best ways to do this would be in the Abyss, or by using the Fairy Ring system. However, if you use the fairy ring system just make sure you have 66 agility to make use of the agility shortcuts.

At best, with 50 inventories per hour, you can expect a profit of 645k gp per hour & an expected 17.2k runecrafting experience.

Profit will depend entirely on how focused you are.


8. Daeyalt Essences

Daeyalt Essence Crafting in OSRS

Once you’ve completed “Sins of the Father” you’ll unlock the Daeyalt Essence mine.

With a level 60 mining, you can obtain Daeyalt Shards – which can be exchanged for Daeyalt Essence.

The essences are special because they provide a 50% bonus to Runecrafting experience when used, meaning you’ll spend less time Runecrafting to reach those higher levels.

It’s important to note that around 4400 shards can be mined per hour, too. Which is pretty good!

These essences can only be used in places where normal essence could be, used like the Ourania Altar, or on normal altars.

Also note that you cannot use these for Zeah Runecrafting.


7. Arceuus Library Books

Arceuus Library overhead screenshot in OSRS

This method is fairly common for ironmen, specifically ultimate ironmen, and it’s the best training method available for them in OSRS (due to their limited bank space).

This is almost like a mini-game where you’ll be running around the Arceuus library searching for random books.

There are a total of 16 different books that you can be asked to find for this.

And you can get a hint on the location of a book by speaking to Biblia, who’s located on the very top floor of the library.

Successfully retrieving a book will reward you with a Book of Arcane knowledge, which can be used to give yourself some Runecrafting experience.

You can expect to find roughly 120 books an hour, and the experience received per book scales based on your Runecrafting Level.

At level 50 you can expect about 23k experience per hour, while at level 70 you can expect around 33k experience.


6. Ourania Altar

Ourania Altar for Runecrafting in OSRS

Here’s a pretty common training method out there, and it might be of the most common methods for this skill – and it can be started from level 1 Runecrafting, too.

It’s highly recommended to have the lunar spellbook unlocked for this, and at least level 71 magic for the teleport to the Ourania Altar.

Grinding with this method is not viable without all of that.

But the good news is that this is a relatively low effort method. You can use the worlds for this altar and follow players, or use 3-clicks to get to the altar from the teleport spot.

The official world for this is 327.

The profit here isn’t too great, but the experience is fairly fast compared to other methods.

You can expect about 33k experience per hour at level 50 Runecrafting, and around 50k experience per hour at level 70 Runecrafting.

The higher the Runecrafting level, the higher the profit.

You should also wear weight reducing clothing, like full graceful, and a stamina potion for never-ending run time.


5. Abyss Runecrafting

Abyss Runecrafting OSRS Screenshot

The Abyss offers slower experience to runecrafting, in exchange for much higher profit.

The Abyss is located in the wilderness and takes you to a nexus which connects to every single altar in OSRS.

You’ll need to complete the mini-quest “Enter the Abyss” the begin using this nexus.

But in this spot, you can generally make 50 runs per hour, using a glory to teleport back to Edgeville after each trip and banking there.

I recommend wearing full graceful, equipping a black pickaxe, and taking stamina potions to ensure your trips go as fast as possible.

Keeping your weight as low as possible is key to saving run energy too, which equates to faster runs.


4. Lava Runecrafting

Lava Runecrafting OSRS Screenshot

Lava Runecrafting is technically the fastest experience in the game.

But it is extremely exhausting as you click non-stop, and cannot AFK at all!

With a maximum effort level of training, you can get a massive 72k experience per hour. For Runecrafting, that is ridiculous.

Expect around 65k – 70k experience here instead, unless you plan on breaking your hand with all that clicking.

Note that you’ll need a few items for this method, such as a binding necklace, a duelling ring, a teleport to a bank (such as a crafting skill cape), and full graceful.

The binding necklace is needed because this is a combination rune. You’ll also need a stack of earth runes, too.

Most players avoid this method since it’s very intense.

But generally speaking, it is technically the fastest way to 99!

This method becomes available starting from level 23 Runecrafting.


3. Blood Runecrafting

Blood Runecrafting screenshot in OSRS

Blood Runecrafting becomes available at level 77 Runecrafting, and it is one of the most AFK methods out there.

It’s also very profitable, which is a nice bonus. Granted it’s less profitable than Abyss Runecrafting, but it also provides minor amounts of mining and crafting experience.

To do this method you’ll need 100% Arceuus House Favour, a chisel, and a pickaxe.

It’s also recommended to have at least level 78 agility and full graceful.

This allows you to use the agility shortcuts, which makes the overall runtime substantially less.

I would also recommend that you complete the Kourend and Kebos Medium Diary. These allow you a 5% chance at mining x2 dense essence blocks instead of one. It’s a small chance, but it adds up.

From level 77 -90 you can expect to make 60m coin in profit, and 158k blood runes.

If you did this from 77 – 99 you would likely make about 178m profit and get 473k blood runes in total.


2. Double Nature Runes

Double Nature Runecrafting Altar in OSRS

This method is the best Runecrafting money maker in OSRS, and can be started at level 91 Runecrafting.

You can expect to make almost 1m coins an hour here, provided you’re efficient!

But the experience is very bad, at around 25k experience gained per hour.

So this method is almost always done from a profit perspective, not solely to gain levels.

There’s an Abyss and Fairy ring method as well, similar to cosmic runes.

I would only recommend the fairy ring method to players who have a fairy ring in their house, and an ornate pool, so that they can recover their run energy every trip.


1. Soul Runecrafting

Soul Runecrafting screenshot from OSRS

Our number one spot goes to soul runecrafting – which is the big brother of blood runecrafting.

This is much better experience than blood runes, but slightly less profit.

You can expect roughly 45k experience per hour doing this method. And if you did soul runecrafting from level 90 – 99 you would make 253k soul runes, which is a profit of about 36m.

This is done the exact same way as blood runecrafting. It just requires a level 90 runecrafting to start.

You’ll also need 100% Arceuus House Favour, a chisel, and a pickaxe here as well.

I also highly recommend at least level 78 agility and a full graceful, so that your run energy doesn’t entirely deplete, and so that the agility shortcuts are available for you to use.

Good luck on your way to 99!

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