OSRS: The Best Ways To Train Magic (P2P + F2P)

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Magic is an incredibly useful ability in OSRS.

It unlocked the ability to fight with magic, teleport around the map, and a variety of utility uses from alchemy to making planks. The uses for magic are endless!

Training magic is a very complicated procedure, though. Because there are literally dozens of spells a player can use.

Some are very quick and expensive, while others are slow and inexpensive. Training magic efficiently is the best way to go – otherwise you’ll be spending millions of runes and countless hours not making much progress!

So let’s take a look at the best magic training methods in OSRS.


10. Splashing

Splashing Magic Training Screenshot in OSRS


What exactly is splashing, you might be wondering.

This is a method where a player uses combat spells (normally on a very low level enemy such as chickens or rats) but never lands a direct hit.

This can be accomplished by lowering your magic attack bonus to -64 or greater.

This is a common training method in F2P and P2P, as you get a constant amount of experience, and it is entirely AFK.

The experience is usually quite low. But since you can literally be away from your PC for 15+ minutes at a time, it’s a very desirable method.

And since no damage is dealt, you only ever earn the base amount of experience per spell.

Experience rates per hour for Fire Strike are 13.9k, Fire Bolt is 27k, Fire Blast is 41.3k, and Fire Wave is 50.7k.

Most people use Fire Strike for this, as it’s only 4gp per a cast.


9. Charging Air Orbs

Charging Air Orbs in Old School RuneScape

Charging air orbs can be done starting from level 66 magic – and it’s a great way to earn money plus experience at the same time!

The experience is on the lower side here, at around 36k per hour.

However this is more than made up for in gp, since profit is about 220k per hour.

Which is actually great in a skill that’s generally quite expensive to train.

Air orbs are charged in the wilderness, and can only be reached by running through Edgeville dungeon.

You should take a set of graceful to move fast, and a teleport method back to Edgeville (like an amulet of glory).


8. High Alchemy

High Alch Magic Training / OSRS Screenshot

High Alchemy is one of the most used methods of magic training in OSRS.

Reason being you can use hotkeys to assist you.

It’s also one of the few methods that can occasionally even be profitable.

Requiring a minimum of level 55 magic to use, high alchemy is a spell which turns normal items into coins.

You can generally alch 1200 items per hour, which equates to a maximum of 78k experience per hour.

This is a fairly laid-back method for training magic. You can chat with friends and high alch at any location you wish.

A common place to high alch is at the duel arena, as many people enjoy watching the fights while they alch.

Currently the best items to high alch are rune items, as they have quite a decent profit margin of a few hundred coins.

While prices are always changing, I can say that as of this writing, the current best option is the Rune Plate Skirt with a 474 coin profit margin.


7. Teleporting

Teleporting Practice Magic Training / OSRS

Teleporting constantly to a single destination is a very common way of training magic early on, as it’s one of the best methods for quick experience before the High Alchemy spell becomes available.

For F2P players I recommend using the teleport to Falador spell, which opens up at level 37 magic.

For members I recommend using the teleport to Camelot spell, starting at level 45.

If you use a staff of air you’ll only be using law runes, which would cost you approximately 170k per hour.

In exchange, you should get roughly 80k experience per hour – which is fantastic at such a low level!

It would only take you a couple hours to reach level 55 magic at that rate.


6. Magic Imbue

Magic Imbue Bankstanding / OSRS

Here’s a unique entry on this list, as training with the Magic Imbue spell can be done while doing other activities (such as Agility or Runecrafting).

Reason being it can be cast during down time while doing any of those activities.

This is mostly done by players who want to use the time they would normally spend running, to also train magic.

It’s also required to use Imbue while Runecrafing Lava runes as, they’re a combination spell.

Utilizing the spell consistently will yield you around 20k experience per hour – which is pretty good considering this is experience is obtained while not even focusing on magic!

You will need a minimum of level 82 magic for this, and the completion of Lunar Diplomacy to access the Lunar Spellbook.


5. Tan Leather

Tan Leather Magic Training / OSRS HD Screenshot

One more money-making training method on this list.

Tan leather can only be accessed once the Fremennik Hard diary is complete, and it’s located on the Lunar Spellbook.

This spell automatically tans 5 hides per cast, and can be done while standing in front of a bank chest.

With this method you can tank approximately 8000 hides per hour for an expected experience rate of 130k per hour.

If you want to make some nice cash along the way then you can tan Blue Dragonhide for a total profit of over 800k per hour!

You’ll need some serious cash to invest first hand, though… roughly 15 – 20m gp!


4. Plank Make

Plank Make Magic Training / OSRS

This spell is useful for a variety of reasons.

It can be used to get some great experience per hour, and it’s great as a money making method, and it can help shorten the construction grind.

Plank Make turns logs into planks, and can make around 1800 – 1850 planks per hour.

This results in a massive 166k experience per hour – provided you’re paying attention!

But this method is also fairly click intensive. So if you wish to simply “cast and forget” then you can cast a single time for about 90k experience per hour.

The best way to make money here is to make Mahogany planks.

You can net around 150k gp per hour, which is pretty decent, considering you’ll be getting a ton of experience too.


3. String Jewellery

String Jewellery Training at Bank / OSRS Screenshot

This is a high experience method which is also fairly cost effective.

String Jewellery is on the Lunar Spellbook and requires a minimum of level 80 magic to use.

It involves taking unstrung amulets and stringing them via magic.

The best method of doing this is with unstrung gold amulets, as they’re easy to obtain, and the loss per hour is not too terrible.

You can get between 130k and 160k experience per hour using this method – depending on how quickly you can bank and restock your inventory.

I highly recommend this method for training though, as it’s also fairly relaxed and not too click intensive.


2. Slayer

Slayer Iron Dragon Magic Training / OSRS

As with all combat stats, slayer is always a great option for training.

Magic is used for a variety of tasks too, such as Kraken and bursting Nechryaels.

The benefit of training magic with slayer is that it’s never repetitive.

You’re always changing things up along the way, and slayer can be wildly profitable.

For example, the Kraken boss provides around 1m coins in profit per hour. That’s way more profit than any other magic training method on this list!

I highly recommend slayer if you can, as you’ll also be getting slayer experience which is notoriously slow to train!


1. Maniacal Monkeys

Maniacal Monkeys Magic Training in OSRS

Maniacal Monkeys are the fastest magic experience in OSRS.

They can be found in Kruk’s Dungeon, which is only accessible during the Grandmaster quest Monkey Madness II.

But you only have to complete the quest up until the dungeon is unlocked to access this method.

The method involves gathering the Maniacal Monkeys in the dungeon into a 3×3 box, and ice bursting or barraging them while praying protection from melee.

Using bursting you can get 300k+ experience per hour, while barraging can net around 400k experience!

Ultimately this is the fastest magic experience in the game by a mile.

I highly recommend using high end gear here, such as ancestral with an occult, and a magic arena 2 cape for the highest possible experience.

A Kodai wand is also a fantastic option since it provides unlimited water runes, which are a requirement for burst and barrage spells.

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