OSRS: What Are Divine Potions & What Do They Do?

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Divine potions are a stat boosting item which will temporarily boost a player’s stats for a 5 minute period. These boosted stats will remain static and will not decrease for the entire 5 minute duration, after which all stats will return to normal. The Preserve prayer will not increase this duration.

But it should be noted that these potions do not work like Overloads.

And if for whatever reason you reduce your stats during the 5 minute period, the boost will not return.

This is different from other potions where stats slowly decrease over time, as Divine potions will remain static for the full 5 minutes.

As of this writing there are eight different variants of Divine potions in OSRS, all of which can only be made with crystal dust – which is only obtainable in Prifddinas after completing the quest “Song of the Elves”.

Unlike regular stat boosting potions, drinking a dose of any Divine potion will damage you for 10 hitpoints – meaning a full four-dose potion will deal 40 damage overall.


Where To Use Divine Potions

Divine potions should generally only be used for bossing, pre-potting, and certain slayer tasks.

I highly recommend using them for raids and as a pre-pot before Theatre of Blood.

Financially, Divine potions are far more expensive than their normal counterparts, so keep this in mind if you’re planning ahead.

For example, Super Combat potions only cost 9.5k each, while the divine variant costs 16k each – almost twice as expensive!

As a result, using the normal potion over the Divine on slayer tasks or non-boss related combat makes way more sense.


Which Divine Potions Are The Best?

There are a total of eight Divine potions in OSRS:

  • Divine Bastion potion
  • Divine Battlemage potion
  • Divine Magic potion
  • Divine Ranging potion
  • Divine Super Attack potion
  • Divine Super Combat potion
  • Divine Super Defence potion
  • Divine Super Strength potion

Out of all eight, only three are most commonly used:

The Divine Super Combat Potion, Divine Bastion Potion, and Divine Ranging Potion.

This is because range and melee are the most common styles used for combat in OSRS, and the boosts offered by these potions are substantial boosts in attack power for both styles.

Magic-based potions offer only minor boosts to your magic level, making them much less desirable (especially considering the costs).

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