What Are Ensouled Heads Used For in OSRS?

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Ensouled heads are used for prayer training, and are an alternate method to training the skill (with the other method using bones).

Using ensouled heads is often cheaper for training, however the overall prayer experience will be much slower. The reason is because there’s a combat and magic element involved which slows down overall EXP rates, compared to using bones on a Gilded Altar.

Using the highest level ensouled head on a high level account will normally yield about 340k exp per hour. This would require a minimum of level 93 magic and a combat level of at least 110 or higher.


How Do You Use Ensouled Heads?

Ensouled heads can only be used at (and around) the Dark Altar in the Arceuus District of Zeah.

This will require that you have at least 60% favour with the Arceuus house, as you’ll need access to the Arceuus Spellbook.

When you’re near the Dark Altar you can cast a reanimation spell on your ensouled head to spawn the trapped soul of your enemy.

Killing this reanimated soul will grant you prayer experience.

The highest level of reanimation spell is used for ensouled dragon heads, requiring level 93 magic.

The only other way this spell can be cast is when an enemy you’ve killed drops an ensouled head.

This dropped ensouled head can then be used in the area you killed the monster. And this only works for the player who received the drop, provided that they’re in the area.

And this method will not work if the head is subsequently traded or price checked.

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