What is a Pure in Old School RuneScape?

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A pure is an account that focuses on training very specific skills, usually to manipulate combat in PvP battles. There are two types of pures in OSRS: combat pures and skilling pures. These are both popular account builds that train only specific skills, while avoiding others entirely.

These restrictions allow players to build unique accounts that are useful for specific tasks, or for maxing out offensive damage while keeping a super low level in PvP.

As an example, a skilling pure might focus on certain skills and dedicate their account to that. Whereas a combat pure might dedicate their account to maxing out their battle abilities.

But let’s take a deeper look into these two types of pures and why you might go after one of these builds.

Level 99 Maxed Combat Pure in OSRS
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What is a Combat Pure?

A combat pure is an account which is built purely for PvP, with specific combat skills trained for effectiveness in a particular combat bracket.

There are countless types of combat pures. However, most pures have very low defence levels (or level 1 defence) and focus instead on leveling attack, strength, range, magic, and prayer, all in specific combinations.

For example, an Obsidian pure (also known as an Obby Mauler) solely use the Obsidian Maul as a knock out weapon, since it only requires levels 60 strength and 1 attack to wield. These pures would have a level 1 attack, 1 defence, and level 60 or higher strength.

This is to keep their combat level, low while still hitting for a lot of damage so they can (ideally) kill players of a similar combat level very quickly.

Another example of this would be a 1 defence pure who might attempt to get very high strength and attack levels, while always maintaining one defence.

This allows them to hit hard and maintain a low combat level, usually between levels 60 – 90, while still being able to use some of the best weapons in the game.

Skilling pure training skills in OSRS
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What is a Skilling Pure?

A skilling pure completely ignores combat and is almost always a level 3 account.

This type of player only focuses on skilling activities, such as cooking or farming, and ultimately cares more about non-combat skills.

This in itself is quite challenging, as there are plenty of strong monsters in OSRS that can easily kill a level 3 player – as well as a ton of quests that basically become impossible to complete without combat.

Some early combat-related quests can be done with Rings of Recoil, but this is still quite a challenge to do!

And to avoid accidently gaining combat experience, most skillers wear a bow without any ammunition so that they can’t actually do any damage.

Their attack options are also usually set to hidden to avoid accidental encounters.

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