OSRS: What is Chinning (And Is It Worth Doing?)

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Chinning is a form of range training where the player uses Chinchompas to attack a large group of enemies, generally in a multi-combat area. Chins hit enemies in a 3×3 square area, and every enemy within this area will take damage. As a result, this leads to very high amounts of range experience.

This method is commonly used by players leveling up range, since it’s the fastest form of range experience in OSRS.

You can expect rates of 300k-800k experience per hour depending on where you train, what kind of chin you use, and the length of your trips.

Chinchompas themselves can only be obtained via the Hunter skills, and are actually a living animal. As a result, if you die while training with them, all of your Chinchompas will run away.

So it’s recommended to only train with a few thousand at a time to avoid losing a ton of money (or time), as chinchompas are time consuming to catch and expensive to buy!


Chinchompas Varieties: What Should You Use?

In OSRS there are three different kinds of Chinchompas: grey, red, and black, listing them from weakest to strongest.

You’ll need a ranging level of at least 45 to wield the grey ones, 55 for the red ones, and 65 for the black ones.

Old School RuneScape render of all 3 chinchompa colors - grey, red, and black
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You get a decent amount of experience using grey chinchompas. However I recommend using red chins and black chins if you can afford them.

This is because grey chins have no range strength bonus, while red and black both do. This increases your damage output substantially.

If we compare stats, the black variety are more than twice as good as the grey variety. Meaning you’ll get almost double the experience!

In terms of strength, the black chins are definitely the best choice. However, most players use the red ones, as the cost difference is vast!


Why Should You Use Chinchompas?

Chinning is by far the fastest way to get range experience in the game.

And if you’re using black chins, it’s also the fastest hitpoints experience you can get.

You should use this method if you want to train up your account quickly. It’ll only take a few days to reach level 99 in range if you utilize chins.

From level 65 and on you can expect to get around 500k-600k per hour. Which means you’d hit 99 in less than a week if you played a few hours a day.

Overall, chinning should be used by those either looking to get levels quickly, by pures, and by those with a very large bank balance.

Character equipped with red chinchompa in OSRS
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What’s The Cost of Chinning?

Chinning is by no means cheap. Cost will vary based on the chin you use.

Most people tend to use either the red or black variety, so we’ll focus primarily on those two options.

We’ll also assume that the player is using full void, a Necklace of Anguish, and an Archer’s ring (i).

Using red chins will set you back around 3m – 3.5m per hour. And you should gain roughly 400k experience per hour.

On the other hand, using black chins will cost you about 6m – 6.5m per hour and grant around 500k – 600k experience per hour.

If you’re going for 99, I highly recommend using red chins. They’re much cheaper and the experience is still relatively high.

In the long run you’ll save a few 10m and still gain levels at a reasonable pace.

However, if money is no obstacle then use black chinchompas all the way to level 99. You’ll have the task done in no time at all.

It’s also important to set some money aside for prayer and ranging potions to increase your overall efficiency. And I also highly recommend camping the Eagle Eye prayer.

Battling Monkeys with red chinchompa in Old School RuneScape
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Where Should You Chin?

Chinning effectively can only be done in a few places successfully, and a number of criteria need to be met.

The primary requirements are:

– The area is in a multi-combat zone
– There are more than 12+ enemies in the area, and
– They all attack with a single style which can be protected against using prayers

There are currently two places in OSRS that are the best for chinning.

The first is unlocked during the quest Monkey Madness I, and involves chinning in the Ape Atoll Dungeon. There are plenty of undead gorilla skeletons in this dungeon that can be piled into a small area. They have no drops, but have a ton of hitpoints, making them a great source of experience.

The second and best location for chinning is in Kruk’s Dungeon, unlocked during Monkey Madness II.

In here you can face maniacal monkeys, which are a better alternative to the undead gorilla skeletons.

These monkeys have quite a low defense level, and there are literally dozens of them in a single location.

It’s very easy to clump them too. So you can really rack up experience over time.

They also drop the occasional prayer potion, which can extend your trip by quite a while if you collect enough.

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