What is Fashionscape in Old School RuneScape?

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Fashionscape is an OSRS term to describe players that are wearing “high fashion” items aimed to personalize their look. Oftentimes these players are not wearing best in slot armour or skilling items, but are instead wearing items based on aesthetics or visual compatibility.

These items also typically have no stat bonuses, or far lower bonuses then their best in slot counterparts.

There are truly countless options in OSRS for customization.

So players who partake in Fashionscape will almost never look alike!

Plus Fashionscape items can range from totally free, up to some of the most costly items in the whole game – such as 3rd age items, which are very expensive Fashionscape items.

Other popular examples of Fashionscape items include the gnome scarf, some holiday items, clue scroll items, and skill capes.


Where Do Players Show Off Fashionscape?

Fashionscape is primarily done in places where armour bonuses do not matter, or where players are bank standing.

Common areas include house parties in Yanille or Rimmington, the Grand Exchange, and certain skilling activities such as crafting.

This is also a common way of showing off wealth or flexing your accomplishments to other players. So this can most commonly be seen in world 302 at the Grand Exchange, where you’ll see a lot of players flaunting their Infernal Capes or 3rd age sets.

A less popular form of Fashionscape can be seen on role-playing worlds. These worlds consist of players who are trying to role-play certain characters, such as elves or merchants, and as a result they’ll aim to dress accordingly.

The Falador Pub used to be the role-playing hotspot in OSRS, but this has changed in recent years.

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