What is Imbuing in Old School RuneScape (And Why Bother?)

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Imbuing is a way of upgrading or enchanting certain jewelry and gear in OSRS. This process either makes the items stronger or more versatile.

These imbued upgrades can provide some of the best in slot items in OSRS, and are massive upgrades for almost any account.


How Do You Imbue Items?

There are a few ways of imbuing items.

These can include mini games like Nightmare Zone and Soul Wars, miniquests such as Mage Arena 2, and via scrolls obtained from the Last Man Standing minigame Shop.

The most common way to imbue items is via the Nightmare Zone, as it’s very easy to obtain points here. And general combat experience here can also be very high.

Most jewelry is imbued here, or at Soul Wars, which offers the exact same imbues.

Mage Arena 2 is the only way to achieve the best in slot magic cape in OSRS, the Imbued God Cape.

This mini-game is not easy, and you’ll need a minimum of level 75 magic to even attempt it – as well as the completion of Mage Arena 1. But the entire miniquest takes place in the Wilderness, so I highly recommend only taking items you’re willing to lose – such as a Mystic Set or Black Dragonhide.

Lastly, there’s also the Last Man Standing shop for imbuing. This is where you’ll spend your LMS points.

There are only two imbues available here.

First is for the Magic Shortbow, which allows the Shortbow to use only 50% of the special bar instead of 55% (and increases its range attack), so it’s a great PvP upgrade.

And the second is the imbued Ring of Wealth, which doubles the chances of getting a clue scroll in the Wilderness.

Talking to Krystilia for Imbued Slayer Helmet in OSRS
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Which Imbues Are The Best?

I’d say the best imbues are for the Ring of Suffering, Berserker Ring, Archers Ring, Slayer Helmet, Salve Amulet (e), and God Capes.

The ring upgrades double all of the stats of the base rings, which make them incredibly powerful!

The Ring of Suffering in particular becomes a great tank item with an impressive +20 in every defensive stat, and a +4 prayer bonus. The imbued berserker ring also boasts an impressive +8 strength bonus, making it the best melee ring for general use.

Now imbuing the Slayer helmet and Salve Amulet allows the effects of each item to also be used for range and magic attacks, whereas their base forms only provide bonuses to melee styles.

The imbued Slayer Helment is insanely useful for slayer tasks, while the imbued Salve Amulet is really helpful for Vorkath.

The imbued God Cape provides the best in slot magic cape, which is used everywhere you’d use magic in combat. This imbued cape, when combined with the ancestral set, can increase your max damage quite a bit – making it a very impressive upgrade.

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