Best Activities To Do While Alching in OSRS

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While alching is a fan favorite among RuneScape players, on its own it’s much slower than other training methods – this is why players pair it with another activity.

This is often done to maximize efficiency, since OSRS is a very grindy game.

That’s not to say that “afk-alching” while watching a movie on your second monitor is wrong. But you might want to consider something like bursting if you just want to level Magic.

With that said, we can separate activities into “Active” and “Passive”, depending on how much attention they require.

First up, our Active activities could have things like:

  • Training Agility (Most often on Rooftop Courses)
  • Training Hunter
  • Stun-Alching (Pure Magic experience)

While a list of Passive activities looks like this:

  • Impling Scouting
  • Watching live PvP fights (Pure entertainment)

Since high-alchemy allows you to walk/run while casting it, it can basically be paired with any activity that doesn’t get constantly interrupted (like fletching bows), so don’t let my list of ideas stop you from trying out new stuff!


Active Things to Do While Alching


1. Training Agility

Alching on the rooftops / Old School RuneScape
Alching on the rooftops.

By far the most common activity to pair with alching is Agility Training.

We’ve already mentioned that your character can move in-between casts, which is a perfect time window to jump over some gaps or balance on ropes for sweet agility XP.

Rooftops are the recommended courses so that you can get your hands on some Marks of Grace, but most other courses should be perfectly fine as well (you can alch during the downtime between tickets at the Brimhaven Agility Arena).


2. Training Hunter

Alching while hunting birds / Old School RuneScape
Alching while hunting birds.

Another popular thing to do while alching is train your Hunter skill.

The idea here is pretty simple:

You just stand there alching while waiting for the creatures to get caught, reset your traps, and continue alching.

Chinchompas (of any kind) are the best thing to hunt for this. But it can also work with lower-level catches like birds or salamanders.


3. Stun-Alching

Stun-alching at the Wilderness ditch / Old School RuneScape
Stun-alching at the Wilderness ditch.

Stun alching combines two different ways of training Magic into one.

What you do is get yourself a monster that’s either trapped (Like the Wizard’s Tower lesser demon) or just very weak (like a chicken), and alternate between casting the spell Stun on them and High-Alchemy.

This is a very click-intensive method.

But it can earn you well over 150K experience per hour.

Make sure to wear gear with negative magic attack bonus, to make sure you splash the “Stuns” and are able to repeat them.

Note: Stun requires a much higher Magic level of 80 to cast, making it different to everything else that we’ve mentioned so far, since you can’t quite do this method right after unlocking high-alch.


Passive Things to Combine with Alching


1. Impling Scouting

The city of Prifddinas / Old School RuneScape
The city of Prifddinas.

Implings are mischievous flying creatures that can be caught with the Hunter skill and looted for a wide variety of items.

And if your level is high-enough you should be able to catch some of the more lucrative ones.

While Implings can spawn all over the world of Gielinor (and Puro-Puro), it’s usually difficult to track them down and there’s quite a competition to catch them (especially Dragon and Lucky implings).

Allow me to introduce to you Crystal Implings.

These little fellas require 80 Hunter, and can only be found within the elven city of Prifddinas, with one of them spawning approximately every half an hour or so.

Even though Prif is a somewhat large city, it’s not that big when compared to the entire world.

So tracking down these guys is a fairly easy task.

With an average drop of 76k, Crystal Implings are essentially flying cashbags waiting to be caught.

Here are a few of the more interesting items on their loot table:

  • Elite Clue Scrolls at a 1/50 drop rate
  • The Elven Signet that’s worth over 2,5 million coins
  • A Crystal Acorn that can be grown into a tree
  • Multiple Ranarr seeds (Second best drop)

Note: Access to Prifddinas requires the completion of the grandmaster quest “Song of the Elves”.


2. Watching Live PvP Fights

Live PvP at the Grand Exchange / Old School RuneScape
Live PvP at the Grand Exchange.

This one is a personal favorite of mine, because it’s the most fun!

Have you ever run out of good shows to watch?

Is there nothing interesting on YouTube today?

Allow me to introduce to you RuneScapeTV, also known as PvP Worlds.

Get yourself to the Grand Exchange on a PvP world, find yourself two players fighting each other, and enjoy the show.

Tip: Always stay inside the safe zone, turn off your “Trade” options so that you don’t get accidentally lured, and make sure you log back into a safe world when you’re done alching.


Bonus Tips for Novice Alchemists

Here’s a few things you should definitely know before you start alching:

  • There’s multiple helpful equipment to aid you and make your alching cheaper The best combination as of this writing is Bryophyta’s Staff and a Tome of Fire.
  • Some of the most common items to alch are bows, like the yew and magic longbows, and any kind of elemental battlestaff.
  • If you’re willing to wait, you can even make money with high-alching. All you have to do is buy items a few coins under their normal price, which eventually happens with less-alched things like Rune Daggers or Blue D’hide Vambraces.
  • If you’re Stun-Alching, make sure to use a Mud Battlestaff.
  • You can use Hunter Potions to catch Crystal Implings with only 77 Hunter!
Buying profitable-to-alch items / Old School RuneScape
Buying profitable-to-alch items
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