OSRS: Where Do You Get The Boots of Lightness?

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Boots of Lightness can be obtained from the Temple of Ikov dungeon.

There are no level or quest requirements.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need to start the Temple of Ikov quest, which shares its name with the dungeon.



In order to obtain the Boots of Lightness, you will need to bring:

  • A light source (Any is fine, make sure it’s lit!)
  • A knife or slash weapon to cut a spider web
  • A teleport to get out of the dungeon (Recommended)

Start – The Temple of Ikov

Temple of Ikov Dungeon Location / OSRS

The Temple of Ikov is located north of Ardougne, east of the Fishing Guild, and south of the Ranging Guild. You’ll see it as a gray rectangle in your map.

Three recommended teleports are:

  • Ardougne Teleport (after Plague City)
  • Combat Bracelet (to Ranging Guild)
  • Skills Necklace (to Fishing Guild)
Staircase in the Temple of Ikov / Old School RuneScape

Head down the staircase, and you’ll be in the Temple of Ikov dungeon.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to go deep at all.

Just head down the staircase to the side, without going through any gates.

Second Staircase beneath the Temple / OSRS

Once you’re downstairs, you’ll find yourself in a simple and lit up room.

If the room is completely dark and you can’t move, then you either forgot to bring a light source, or it’s not lit up.

In that case you’ll have to head back upstairs and go get what you’re missing.

Boots of Lightness spawn location / Old School RuneScape

You’ll spot the Boots of Lightness in a corner, lying on the ground.

Warning for Combat Level 3 / Combat Level 4 players: There are aggressive level 2 giant spiders with a max hit of 1. They shouldn’t pose a threat at all, but it would be wise to not go AFK or have little Hitpoints while you’re here.

Once you locate the boots just slash the spider web in front of them, and simply pick them up.

If you want duplicates, you can wait for them to respawn, or simply world hop if you’re not in combat.

That’s it!

Just teleport or walk away when you have enough copies.

Additionally, if lost, you can buy them back from Perdu for 9,800 coins.

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