Why Would I Train Agility in Old School RuneScape?

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Agility is one of the slower skills to train.

However it’s totally worth aiming to get the highest agility level as early as possible.

Agility provides a variety of benefits, such as allowing you to access shortcuts throughout the game, which makes traveling far easier. These shortcuts can lower your time between PvM trips, or even work as nifty escapes!

Some of these shortcuts will save you mere seconds, while others can save you minutes of precious game time.

And the more agility levels you gain, the faster you can restore your run energy. For example, from level 1 you’ll be able to restore 1 run energy every 7.5 seconds. While at level 99 agility you’ll be able to restore 1 run energy every 2.5 seconds.

This is almost double the recovery rate, which is insanely useful because run energy is used practically everywhere in OSRS.

And also, the Graceful Set can be unlocked by training rooftop agility – which is one of the most used gear sets in OSRS.

This set provides a weight reduction effect of -25 kg and increases run energy restoration by a rate of 30% (for the whole set). The Graceful Set is used for many skilling activities too, such as Blood Runecrafting, Rooftop Agility, Farm runs, and Blast Furnace.


What Are The Best Agility Training Spots?

Ultimately, agility ranks as the 2nd slowest skill to level up in OSRS, just behind Runecrafting.

The skill can be very repetitive to level up too. And many players find the methods to just be downright tedious.

However, it is a very rewarding skill. And you’ll need to give this skill some attention if you want to unlock larger quests and important game content.

The best place to start this skill off is via rooftop agility.

Rooftop agility course screenshot in OSRS
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Most major cities in OSRS have a rooftop agility course, and each of them provides decent experience rates. You’ll also want to start off with these courses from day one, because they’re the only methods to get Marks of Grace – which are used to buy the coveted Full Graceful Set.

Many people will even do rooftops all the way to level 99!

Currently the Ardougne Rooftop Agility Course provides the best experience rates, at around 60k exp per hour. But it’s locked behind level 90 agility.

Another method you can use for experience (and some seriously good profit) is the Hallowed Sepulchre.

This is an intense method of training, as the Hallowed Sepulchre is littered with difficult obstacles and challenging puzzles. There are a total of 5 floors, each with increased difficulty.

Only the very best OSRS players will be able to overcome this challenge.

From level 92 you can expect to make 2m-3m per hour doing this, as well as more than 70k experience per hour.

Easily one of the best methods of training agility, if you can overcome the difficulty curve!

Hallowed Sepulchre agility training in OSRS
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What Are The Most Useful Shortcuts?

There are a variety of incredibly useful shortcuts that you’ll unlock by getting your agility level up.

Level 70 agility is a massive milestone for most players, because two of the most important shortcuts unlock at the same time.

Firstly, the Saradomin Encampment at God War Dungeon will now be accessible. Meaning you can finally face Commander Zilyana, one of the four generals in the God War Dungeon! She drops some very high-end gear, and players will definitely want a shot at some of her loot.

Secondly, you get the famous pipe shortcut in Taverley Dungeon leading to the Blue Dragons. This is a seriously useful shortcut, as it eliminates the need for a Dusty Key to enter the inner areas of the Dungeon.

It also reduces your overall travel time dramatically since you no longer need to traverse the outer dungeon area.

There are also a number of useful escape methods unlocked at level 70, which can be used in PvP scenarios. An example is the stepping stone escape off of Lava Dragon Isle, which can save you from Pk’ers while on a trip.

Another very popular escape example is the pillar jump in the Revenant Caves, but it’s unlocked at a higher level, requiring 89 agility.

But this means once you get it unlocked, you can escape fairly easily with little chance anyone could follow!

Clothesline agility course in Falador / OSRS Screenshot
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Items Can You Unlock With Agility

Agility has a number of useful unlocks that’ll make any player’s life much easier.

For example: if you have level 92 agility and are completing the Hallowed Sepulchre, you may have a chance to obtain the Ring of Endurance.

This ring in insanely useful.

When it’s charged, it can provide almost unlimited run energy.

And some other unlocks you get at level 92 include the Graceful Set, which offer the ability to create Stamina Potions! Stamina Potions can be made with Amylase Crystal, which can be obtained by trading in your Marks of Grace (remember those from earlier?).

These potions effectively provide unlimited run energy for a 2 minute period, making them extremely popular for PvM.

And lastly, for the very lucky, at this higher agility level you have a chance to obtain the Squirrel Pet while training agility.

This cute little guy is the rarest drop obtainable in the game. So if you have the patience, it’s worth getting.

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