Auto Battle (Raid) Guide for Path To Nowhere

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Path To Nowhere’s Raid feature allows you to automatically farm stages as many times as you want – provided you have enough Stamina.

To use this feature, you have to first clear the stage that you want to Raid by yourself. Using a Friend Assist unit is not allowed!

After beating the stage, you’ll be able to do Raids on it. This will automatically clear the stage with only a few clicks, which is great for farming power-up materials, Compliance, and Chief EXP.


How To Use the Raid Feature (Step-by-Step)

To do Raids on a stage you’ve already cleared, first go to DisCity which is located in the upper-right part of your Home Screen:

Home Screen > DisCity / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=Home Screen > DisCity

In this case, I’ll go over to “The Rust” game modes, where all players will most likely use the Raid feature the most:

The Rust > Cleansing Operation / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=The Rust > Cleansing Operation

Next, choose whatever stage you’ve already completed.

As you can see from the image below, you don’t necessarily need to clear all of the stage missions to be able to Raid a certain stage:

Seed of Ill Omen (Stage C-04) / Path To Nowhere
Seed of Ill Omen (Stage C-04)

As long as you’ve already beaten the stage, two raiding options will be made available to you:

  • Raid x1: Allows you to Raid a stage one time
  • Raid Multiple: Allows you to Raid a stage multiple times (capped by Stamina)
Rais x1 vs Raid Multiple / Path To Nowhere
Rais x1 vs Raid Multiple

Choosing the “Raid x1” option will complete one Raid automatically.

If you choose the “Raid Multiple” option, a prompt that’ll allow you to choose how many times you want to Raid that specific stage will appear – as well as the amount of Stamina the runs will cost:

Start Raid (Multiple) / Path To Nowhere
Start Raid (Multiple)

And there it is – you can now farm any stage you want without fighting over and over again, quick and easy!

Raid Completed (Rewards List) / Path To Nowhere
Raid Completed (Rewards List)

Just make sure to check your Stamina consumption while using the Raid feature. You can burn a lot of your Stamina just by doing a few Raids, so watch out.


Three Helpful Tips for Raiding

Raid Completed (x1) / Path To Nowhere
Raid Completed (x1)

Listed below are three tips that are worth keeping in mind before doing your Raids.


Tip #1: Use Raids to Farm Compliance Levels

Compliance Meter (Nox) / Path To Nowhere
Compliance Meter (Nox)

Farming Compliance levels gets much easier once you unlock your Raid feature.

To farm Compliance via Raids, make sure to only use the Sinners you want to increase the Compliance of while clearing the stage you want to Raid later.

Depending on how often you Raid that specific stage, you’ll be able to farm tons of Compliance passively over time. Happy farming!


Tip #2: Don’t Use Assist Units if you Want To Raid a Level

Assist Unit Selection / Path To Nowhere
Assist Unit Selection

Using the Friend Assist feature might be a good idea for stages you’re struggling to clear on your own – but not if you want to be able to Raid that stage.

Raids will remain locked if you use a Friend Assist unit to clear a stage, so use them sparingly!

Don’t be discouraged from using Friend Assist units though, since you’ll be able to revisit the stage and clear it on your own once you’ve become stronger anyway.


Tip #3: Raid “The Rust” Stages Daily

The Rust Stages / Path To Nowhere
The Rust Stages

“The Rust” is the best game mode you’d want to be using your Stamina on when doing Raids – especially in the early and mid-game.

You can never have enough power-up materials, so doing Raids on “The Rust” stages daily and stockpiling the resources you’ve farmed is highly advisable.

I especially recommend raiding Cleansing Operation stages for Mania Essence and DisCoins often if you want to level up your Sinners quickly.

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