Path To Nowhere Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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Path To Nowhere is a strategic, tower defense-style gacha game that features high-quality visuals, a fantastic storyline, and engaging combat mechanics.

In this guide I’m going to cover everything you need to know as a complete beginner in the game.

This includes what Sinners to reroll for, how combat in this game works, how to power up your units, some tips you should follow, and a list of things you should and shouldn’t do in Path To Nowhere.


Starting Off (Rerolling & Mechanics)

Sin & Conviction Banner / Path To Nowhere
Sin & Conviction Banner

You can reroll for Sinners in the “Sin & Conviction” banner as soon as you complete Stage 1-4. You’ll get plenty of free pulls by claiming your Mail rewards and Event rewards.


How To Reroll

Login Screen (Logout Button) / Path To Nowhere
Login Screen (Logout Button)

If you didn’t like the Sinners you got from the banner, simply restart the game and click the “Logout” icon highlighted in the lower-right part of the image above.

Terms of Service (Agree) / Path To Nowhere
Terms of Service (Agree)

You’ll then be presented with the game’s ToS. Click “Agree” to finally log out.

Login Screen (New Account) / Path To Nowhere
Login Screen (New Account)

After completing all the steps, you can now choose another login method to use for your new account!

For rerolling in this game, I recommend preparing duplicate Google accounts beforehand for the sake of convenience.


Is Rerolling Necessary?

Arrest Animation (SSR Guaranteed) / Path To Nowhere
Arrest Animation (SSR Guaranteed)

No. Rerolling in Path To Nowhere isn’t necessary at all, since you’ll do just fine with just any S-Rank Sinner combined with a variety of A-Rank and even B-Rank Sinners.

Most A-Rank and B-Rank Sinners are quite useful in this game — even compared to their S-Rank counterparts.

Here are a few examples of A-Rank and B-Rank units that you should consider investing in:

Sinners Ranks Role
Labyrinth B-Rank Core-Breaker/PDPS
Hecate A-Rank Core-Breaker/MDPS
K.K. B-Rank Tank
Demolia B-Rank Tank
EMP B-Rank Core-Breaker/PDPS
Roulecca A-Rank PDPS
Ariel A-Rank Healer
Macchiato B-Rank Healer
Wendy A-Rank AoE PDPS
Ignis A-Rank AoE MDPS

What S-Rank Units To Reroll For

Eirene (Sinner Detainer) / Path To Nowhere
Eirene (Sinner Detainer)

If you’re still considering rerolling for a specific S-Rank Sinner, I recommend going for these five Sinners:

  • Eirene (MDPS/Core-Breaker)
  • Langley (PDPS/Core-Breaker)
  • Hamel (Healer)
  • Demon (Tank)
  • Nox (Bruiser)

Any of these units can carry you all the way to the later stages of the game — especially if you pair them up with the A-Rank & B-Rank units listed in the previous table.


Combat Mechanics

Combat (Stage 1-3) / Path To Nowhere
Combat (Stage 1-3)

As highlighted in the image above, there are five main mechanics that you should be aware of as a beginner while in combat.

From the left part to the right part of the image, they are:

  • Time Limit: This shows much time you have left before you automatically fail the stage.
  • Normal Monsters Left: This shows how many normal (un-cored) monsters are left on the stage.
  • Cored Monsters Left: This shows how many elite/boss monsters with cores are left on the stage.
  • Sanity (SAN) Left: This shows how many hits you can still take from monsters that get by your Sinners.
  • Shackle Links Left: This shows how many times you can still move your units around the map.
Hella (Ultimate Skill Ready) / Path To Nowhere
Hella (Ultimate Skill Ready)

You can use Ultimate Skills by clicking on a Sinner that has their Sinner Energy bar full.

Make sure you know how each skill works before using them by reading the skill description first!

Exposed Core (Tutorial Scenario) / Path To Nowhere
Exposed Core (Tutorial Scenario)

Another important mechanic to master is Core-breaking.

As shown in the image above, some enemies have Cores that can be broken by specific Ultimate Skills or the “Dark Sound” Postesa (Chief Skill).

Break these Cores and you’ll be able to stun enemies for a time — making them more vulnerable to damage and halting their movement momentarily.

To know which units can break Cores, simply check their skills in-game or refer to my recommended B-Rank, A-Rank, and S-Rank Sinners I’ve listed above.


Primary Objectives For Beginners

White-haired Girl (In-game Cutscene) / Path To Nowhere
White-haired Girl (In-game Cutscene)

As a beginner, here are the most important tasks that you should achieve as soon as you can.


Objective #1: Clear Up To Chapter 3 Of DisCity

DisCity Chapter 3 Stages (Unclaimed Crypt) / Path To Nowhere
DisCity Chapter 3 Stages (Unclaimed Crypt)

Clearing Chapter 3 of DisCity unlocks all of the game modes and features you’ll need as a beginner in Path To Nowhere.

This mostly includes “The Rust” game modes that are essential for account growth — allowing you to farm materials and resources that strengthen your Sinners.

Here are all the game modes you can unlock just by playing through the DisCity stages and the resources you can farm from them:

Game Modes Access Type Main Resources Farmed
Cleansing Operations The Rust
  • DisCoins
  • Mania Essence
Parma Ruins The Rust
  • Phases 1, 2, & 3 Elemental Fluids
Nest of Pollution The Rust
  • Skill Upgrade Materials
Stormy Memories The Rust
  • Crimebrands
  • Memory Fragments
Oblivion Pit DisSea
  • Hypercubes
  • Broken Battle Medals
Broken Frontline DisSea
  • Dark Samples

Objective #2: Reach Level 35 To Unlock More Cleansing Operation Stages

The Rust (All Game Modes Unlocked) / Path To Nowhere
The Rust (All Game Modes Unlocked)

While you do unlock most “The Rust” game modes by clearing up to Chapter 3 of DisCity, you still need to level up your account to unlock their harder stages and farm more items from them.

For example, you need to reach Level 35 so you can access Stage 3 of Gold Rush and Seed of Omen.

Clearing this stage will allow you to farm more DisCoins and Mania Essence, which means you’ll be able to Promote your Sinners more often despite being a beginner.


Objective #3: Level Up Your Management Center To Level 5

Management Center (Level 5) / Path To Nowhere
Management Center (Level 5)

You can also unlock your Minos System just by playing through the DisCity stages, where you’ll find your Management Center.

Through your Minos System, you can farm the following resources:

  • Multiples Alloys
  • DisCoins (Black Market)
  • Mania Essence (Training Room)
  • Stamina (Greenhouse)

You need to get your Management Center to Level 5, because only then will you be able to upgrade your Black Market, Training Room, and Greenhouse to Level 3.

This level is where they’ll produce a good amount of resources automatically — and will keep doing so until you have enough resources to upgrade your Management Center to Level 7.


Objective #4: Join An Alliance

Guild Sign-In Rewards / Path To Nowhere
Guild Sign-In Rewards

Joining an Alliance is necessary if you want to farm as many F2P resources and materials as you can.

Alliance Exchange Shop (Low-Level) / Path To Nowhere
Alliance Exchange Shop (Low-Level)

I recommend joining an Alliance that’s both active and encourages its members to Donate every day.

Raising your Alliance’s level through frequent Check-ins and Donations is crucial even in the early game, and will show massive returns in the long run.


Objective #5: Add As Many Friends As You Can

Friends List / Path To Nowhere
Friends List

Adding as many Friends as you can is just as important as joining an Alliance as soon as possible.

This is because the Friend System in this game has two very useful features — the Assistance feature and the Friend Point Exchange feature.

Assist Units (Battle Preparation Screen) / Path To Nowhere
Assist Units (Battle Preparation Screen)

Adding a Friend allows you to use any of the three “Assist Units” they’ve set in any game mode you want — minus a few exceptions like the Oblivion Pit or the Broken Frontline.

Friend Point Exchange Shop / Path To Nowhere
Friend Point Exchange Shop

The Friendship Shop functions much like the Alliance Shop, where you can exchange Friendship Points for a variety of items.

I recommend picking up the three Warrants and the Dream Dust from this shop first and foremost.

You can decide on your own what other items you need to buy from here depending on what resources you currently lack.


How To Get Stronger (Powering Up Units)

Eirene (Unit Page) / Path To Nowhere
Eirene (Unit Page)

Here are the five main methods that you can use to strengthen your Sinners as a beginner — making them more resilient and effective in battle.

Strengthening Methods Resources Required Effects
  • Essence of Mania
  • DisCoins
  • Increases all stats
Upgrade Skill
  • Skill Upgrade Materials
  • DisCoins
  • Increases skill effectiveness
Intensify Shackle
  • Duplicate Sinners
  • Sinner Marks
  • Increases some stats
  • Increases skill effectiveness
  • Applies passive effects/buffs
Equip/Upgrade Crimebrands
  • Crimebrands
  • Memory Fragments
  • DisCoins
  • Applies passive effects/buffs
  • Increases some stats
Rank Up
  • Phases 1, 2, & 3 Elemental Fluids
  • Sinner Rank Up Materials (Farmed From DisCity Stages)
  • DisCoins
  • Increases all stats
  • Increases max level
  • Unlocks Passive Skills (Rank 1 & 2)
  • Unlocks the Crimebrand feature (Rank 2)

Path To Nowhere General Tips & Tricks

Hella's Smile (In-game Cutscene) / Path To Nowhere
Hella’s Smile (In-game Cutscene)

Here are some tips that’ll help you play Path To Nowhere more efficiently as a beginner, which in turn will help speed up and improve your progress in the long run.


TIP #1: Spend Your Hypercubes Wisely

Hypercube (Item Description) / Path To Nowhere
Hypercube (Item Description)

Hypercubes are Path To Nowhere’s premium currency. You can use them to Arrest Sinners in the gacha, buy Stamina, or buy in-game items in the Supply Office.

You’d want to use them as frugally as you can, as they are quite hard to farm once you get over the game’s early stages.

If you’re a F2P player, I recommend using your Hypercubes only for unit banners where you can hit pity (80 pulls), and for buying Stamina occasionally.


TIP #2: Always Clear Your Daily & Weekly Surveillance Missions

Daily Surveillance Missions (All Rewards Claimed) / Path To Nowhere
Daily Surveillance Missions (All Rewards Claimed)

Your Daily and Weekly Surveillance Missions will be among the few sources of F2P Hypercubes and Warrants once you’re in the endgame.

This is why you must build a habit of clearing them now while you’re still a beginner, rather than later.

The resources you can farm from them are no joke, and you’d do well accumulating them right from your very first day in the game.


TIP #3: Complete Special Missions For Additional Rewards

Chapter 1 Special Missions (All Cleared) / Path To Nowhere
Chapter 1 Special Missions (All Cleared)

Special Mission rewards can be obtained by clearing all stages in a chapter with no damage to your chief’s SAN (Sanity).

You can earn a lot of useful materials and resources here:

  • DisCoins
  • Essence of Mania
  • Hypercubes
  • Warrants
  • Rank Up Material Supply Chests

Don’t worry if you can’t clear a stage without damage on your first try. You can just go back and clear it once your units are at a higher level, which makes it a lot easier.


TIP #4: Always Claim Your Free Daily x120 Stamina

Exclusive Supply (All Claimed) / Path To Nowhere
Exclusive Supply (All Claimed)

As a beginner who needs all the resources they can get, you can never get enough Stamina.

This is why I recommend logging in during two timeframes:

  • UTC+7 11:00 – 24:00 (ICT Timezone)
  • UTC+7 17:00 – 24:00 (ICT Timezone)

These are the timeframes where you can claim your Exclusive Supplies — two x60 Stamina which you can use to farm more resources to strengthen your Sinners.


TIP #5: Use The Game’s Auto-find System When Farming Resources & Materials

Roulecca (Unit Page) / Path To Nowhere
Roulecca (Unit Page)

Finding resources and materials in this game is quite easy, as all you need to do is click on them to reveal where you can get them from.

For example, the image below shows that I don’t have enough “Organic Elytra” — a Mid-level Sinner Rank-Up Material — to Rank Up my Roulecca:

Insufficient Materials (Organic Elytra) / Path To Nowhere
Insufficient Materials (Organic Elytra)

All I have to do is click on the icon of the “Organic Elytra”, then all of its sources that are accessible to me will be displayed automatically, like so:

Sources of Organic Elytra / Path To Nowhere
Sources of Organic Elytra

If you click any of those sources, you’ll be redirected to their corresponding page where you’ll be able to farm your selected item without leaving the Rank Up screen.

In this case, I chose the [Depot] Supply Chest option, which led me to this page:

Mid-level Supply Chest (Organic Elytra) / Path To Nowhere
Mid-level Supply Chest (Organic Elytra)

And voila — I can now get as many Organic Elytra as I need to Rank Up my Roulecca! Easy, ain’t it?


Path To Nowhere Do’s & Don’ts

Zoya Attacks (In-game Cutscene) / Path To Nowhere
Zoya Attacks (In-game Cutscene)

Considering Path To Nowhere is a bit more technical than most gacha games nowadays, there are a lot of things you need to do and not do if you want to excel as a beginner.

Here are some of those things — along with several key pieces of info that were already discussed above.


  • Do join a Guild ASAP
  • Do add 50 Friends ASAP
  • Do reach Level 35 ASAP
  • Do clear Chapter 3 of DisCity ASAP
  • Do level up your Management Center to Level 5 ASAP
  • Do Check-In and Donate to your Guild every day
  • Do clear your DisSea game modes when available
  • Do interrogate your Sinners to increase their Compliance and learn about their background
  • Do complete your Daily and Weekly Surveillance Missions consistently
  • Do invest heavily in A-Rank and B-Rank Sinners as well


  • Don’t spend your Hypercubes on banners you can’t pull to pity
  • Don’t forget to use your Postesa (Chief Skills) during battle
  • Don’t forget to clear Stormy Memories 3 times per day
  • Don’t forget to claim your free daily x120 Stamina from the Exclusive Supply
  • Don’t forget to claim your rewards from the Minos System at least once per day
  • Don’t neglect your Special Mission rewards
  • Don’t use Core-breaking Skills or Postesas on non-Cored monsters during battle unless necessary
  • Don’t forget to move your Sinners around the map during battle if necessary
  • Don’t obsess over S-Rank Units, as their Shackles are harder to Intensify due to the rarity of their duplicates
  • Don’t waste too much Stamina on Raiding low-difficulty “The Rust” game mode stages (Stages 1 & 2)
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