Path to Nowhere: Compliance System Guide (How To Increase Compliance)

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The Compliance System gives you rewards whenever you improve your relationship with a Sinner.

To increase a Sinner’s Compliance, you must take them to battle often, conduct Interrogations and Supervision Interviews with them, do your Daily Emotion Checks, and/or clear their Mirage stages. We’ll explain each of these methods in more detail here.


What is Compliance & Why Should You Increase It?

Peggy (Compliance Rewards) / Path to Nowhere
Peggy (Compliance Rewards)

Compliance can be seen as the measure of your relationship with a Sinner, which increases only if you explore content related to or with that Sinner.

The higher a Sinner’s Compliance, the more rewards you get from the system:

Compliance Levels Rewards Available
  • Background File
  • Bonus Stats
  • Bonus Stats
  • Bonus Stats
  • Voice Lines
  • Bonus Stats
  • Bonus Stats
  • Background File
  • Voice Lines
  • Voice Lines
  • Background Profile
  • Sticker
  • Background Profile
  • Voice Lines
  • Chief Title

Each Sinner has their own Compliance meter and unique rewards, so make sure to only focus on raising the Compliance of your favorite Sinners.


How To Increase a Sinner’s Compliance

Here are several of the best ways you can increase the Compliance of your favorite Sinners in PtN.


Method #1: Use Them for Clearing & Raiding Stages (Best Method)

Stage 4-7 (Questioning) / Path to Nowhere
Stage 4-7 (Questioning)

The most reliable method of farming Compliance is simply using a unit in battle when clearing or raiding content as often as possible.

If you want to raise a specific Sinner’s or group of Sinners’ Compliance quickly, I highly recommend clearing Cleansing Operation stages with your preferred unit/units.

Cleansing Operation stages that give you DisCoins and Mania Essence are going to be the stages you’ll Raid most often in the game. This will drastically increase the Compliance of the units you used to clear them with over time.


Method #2: Conduct Daily Emotion Checks

January Emotion Check (Dolly) / Path to Nowhere
January Emotion Check (Dolly)

Emotion Checks allow you to farm Compliance for random units by simply choosing a line of dialogue whenever you log in every day.

This process should be hard to miss and you should be able to conduct “Late Emotion Checks” even if you miss a day of attendance.

While you don’t get to choose which Sinners you can conduct an Emotion Check on, the amount of Compliance this method gives is quite good. Don’t miss it!


Method #3: Conduct Supervision Interviews

Supervision Terminal (Bai Yi) / Path to Nowhere
Supervision Terminal (Bai Yi)

The Supervision Terminal is located in the Minos System feature, which allows you to farm a variety of materials passively.

Much like Emotion Checks, you cannot choose which Sinner appears in your Supervision Interviews – nor is there a set reward you can obtain after doing them.

You can farm a good amount of Compliance and resources here, especially if you visit the Supervision Terminal often (preferably at least 2 times a day).


Method #4: Conduct Interrogations

Interrogation Room / Path to Nowhere
Interrogation Room

Interrogating a Sinner also increases their Compliance.

But you’re going to have to buy some materials called Evidence to be able to do this often.

You can farm Evidence by simply:

  • Completing your Daily Tasks
  • Collecting Operation Summary Rewards

You also get the added bonus of knowing your favorite Sinners better if you Interrogate them, so don’t pass up on it.


Method #5: Clear Their Mirage Stages

Mirage Stages / Path to Nowhere
Mirage Stages

As of this writing, there are only five Sinners in the game who have an available Mirage stage:

  • Bai Yi
  • Hecate
  • Ninety-Nine
  • Victoria
  • Lisa

The Mirage feature functions much like Interrogations, but you get way more rewards and a deeper storyline/characterization for each Sinner involved.

You also need a rare material called Dream Dust to unlock Mirage stages. So just make sure you unlock the correct one that belongs to your favorite Sinner first.

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