Guide To Core Breaking in Path to Nowhere

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Cores and core-breaking are among the most important combat mechanics to master in Path To Nowhere.

Breaking the cores of Elite enemy units and Bosses will allow you to get rid of them more easily, which means fewer casualties and damage taken from your side.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about cores and how to break them – along with a list of the best Core Breakers in the game.


How Core-Breaking Works

During battles, you need to be able to distinguish which enemies have a core apart from those who do not.

This is very important because, most of the time, it would be wise to save the skills that can deal Core Damage exclusively for enemy units that have them.

To know whether an enemy unit has a core to break or not, simply look above their HP bar. Cored enemies will have their core count displayed in the form of a yellow orb or yellow orbs.

In the image below, we can see that the enemy boss has two cores by looking at the upper-left side of its HP bar:

Enemy Cores (x2 Cores) / Path To Nowhere
Enemy Cores (x2 Cores)

Upon breaking all of your enemy’s cores, they will enter a “Break!” state which makes them more vulnerable to normal attacks, critical hits, and skills.

It even stuns them for a while, allowing you to halt their advance toward your Chief and your units to deal tons of unanswered damage!

You will know if all of your enemy’s core has been broken and how much time you have left until they regain their senses once you see the “Break!” prompt in the upper-right side of their HP bar:

Break! (All Enemy Cores Broken) / Path To Nowhere
Break! (All Enemy Cores Broken)

To inflict the “Break!” state on any cored enemy, you will have to use Skills that deal Core Damage to them, like EMP’s ultimate skill – Ultra EM Arrow! – for example:

EMP (Ultimate Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
EMP (Ultimate Skill Description)

EMP’s ultimate skill has 1 Core Dmg. Therefore, it breaks one enemy core per cast.


How To Break Cores (2 Methods)

There are two methods that you can use to break an enemy’s core in Path To Nowhere.


Method #1: Ultimate Skills

Eirene (Ultimate Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Eirene (Ultimate Skill Description)

The first method is using a Sinner’s Ultimate Skill during battle, which requires Energy to cast.

Also note that not all Sinners have an Ultimate Skill that can break an enemy’s Core.

To check whether or not a unit can break cores, simply visit their Skills page and see whether or not they have a “Core Dmg” tag on their Ultimate Skill.

For newer players, I recommend investing in at least three Core Breakers at the very start of the game.

Do this and you won’t get blindsided by stages that have bosses or elite enemies that are exceedingly hard to kill without having their cores broken!


Method #2: Postesa (Dark Sound)

Dark Sound (Chief Skill Description) / Path To Nowhere
Dark Sound (Chief Skill Description)

Dark Sound is a Chief Skill or a “Postesa” that is unlocked right at the game’s tutorial.

It’s a single-target skill that not only deals a decent amount of Magic Damage, but also 1 Core Damage to an enemy!

While other Chief Skills are arguably better than Dark Sound in terms of overall utility, you can still use it when you don’t have enough Core Breakers in your party.


Best Core Breakers in Path To Nowhere

Sumire Skills Page / Path To Nowhere
Sumire Skills Page

Listed below are the best Core Breakers in the game that you should definitely consider investing in and putting on your team.

Unit Name Class Rarity
Eirene Arcane S-Rank
Baiyi Umbra S-Rank
Sumire Arcane A-Rank
Hecate Arcane A-Rank
Labyrinth Umbra B-Rank
EMP Reticle B-Rank

Keep in mind that rarity does not matter when it comes to breaking Cores – or in most combat-related aspects of Path To Nowhere, for that matter.

There’s no shame in settling for A-Rank or even B-Rank Core Breakers, especially since it’s much easier to upgrade their Shackles compared to S-Rank Core Breakers!

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