Corridor Echo Crimebrand Guide for Path to Nowhere

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Corridor Echo is an S-Rank Crime Brand that increases the Energy of the Sinner that has it equipped at the start of every battle.

You can farm Corridor Echo mainly from Stormy Memories stages, but you can also obtain them from different Shops in the game.

It’s one of the best Crime Brands for both support and DPS-type Sinners. So I highly recommend that you farm at least one Corridor Echo for your account.


What Does Corridor Echo Do?

Corridor Echo III (Description) / Path To Nowhere
Corridor Echo III (Description)

All Sinners gain the ability to equip Crime Brands as soon as they receive their second promotion, which can be done whenever they hit Level 40.

Corridor Echo increases a Sinner’s initial Energy by 8 and increases their attack speed by 5% to 10%.

Crimebrand (Roulecca) / Path To Nowhere
Crimebrand (Roulecca)

To activate Corridor Echo’s set effect (+8 initial energy), you only need to farm one Corridor Echo III, which can be equipped in the third slot of your Sinner’s Crime Brand.

This is great, because unlike other Crime Brands, you don’t need to spend as much time grinding for other set pieces if you want to make full use of Corridor Echo.


Where To Get Corridor Echo

There are two main sources in the game that you can visit to get the Corridor Echo Crime Brand.


Source #1: Stormy Memories (Best Source)

Memory Anomaly / Path To Nowhere
Memory Anomaly

The best way to get the Corridor Echo Crime Brand is to grind the Stormy Memories located in “The Rust” every single day.

There are three different time-sensitive game modes that you can play by visiting Stormy Memories:

Game Modes Schedules Farmable Crime Brands
Memory Anomaly
  • Monday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday
  • Corridor Echo
  • In Host’s Name
  • Depth of Restricted Area
  • Depths of Oblivion
  • Obsession
  • Eastside Dream
  • Final Prologue
  • Justice
  • Providence
  • Reunion Day
  • Syndicate: Glory
Impression Anomaly
  • Tuesday
  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • Creation
  • Singularity
  • Eastside Dream
  • Justice
  • River of the Dead
  • Shackles of Life
  • Syndicate: Glory
  • Providence
  • The Pandora Cage
  • Whitesands Apostle
Resonance Anomaly
  • Wednesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Blue Rain
  • Creed of Bulwark
  • Hope
  • Fury
  • Eastside Dream
  • Paradise Regained
  • Justice
  • Providence
  • Premonition
  • Syndicate: Glory
  • Scarlet Bewitchment

To be able to farm Corridor Echo, you must play Memory Anomaly exclusively. This is scheduled to appear every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Do note that you can only get Corridor Echo if you clear Stage 3 (MS-α3) and onwards. It cannot be farmed from stages lower than that (Stages 1 & 2).

You only get three attempts at clearing or raiding Stormy Memories stages per day, so be mindful of which stages you spend your attempts on!


Source #2: Shops

Crimebrand Shop / Path To Nowhere
Crimebrand Shop

You can also buy Crime Brand packs which contain Corridor Echo from the Crime Brand Shop:

Item Name Cost Purchase Limit
Crimebrand Pack: S 100 Crime Brand Crests 1 per account
Random Crimebrand: S 100 Crime Brand Crests 1 per month

Make sure to pick up the Crimebrand Pack: S first if you want to be able to select Corridor Echo specifically.

The other shop item – Random Crimebrand: S – may give you some other Crime Brand instead.

It’s still a worthwhile purchase though, so be sure to pick it up whenever you can.

Event Shop (Tide of Ashes 2) / Path To Nowhere
Event Shop (Tide of Ashes 2)

You can also potentially buy Corridor Echo from Event Shops with the currency that you farm from time-limited Event stages.

I highly recommend that you check the Exchange Shop every day, just in case your preferred Crime Brand is featured in it.

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