Efficient 7-Minute Daily Routine for Path to Nowhere

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Path To Nowhere is a fantastic game with tons of features and fun mechanics to master, but it can get a bit overwhelming – especially if you’re new to gacha games.

Having a well-structured and time-efficient daily routine will most definitely help. Because your performance directly correlates with your consistency – i.e. how often you’re playing the game and farming stages.

In this guide, I will show you a daily routine that only takes 7 minutes on average to complete, which will make the game far less tedious in the long run.

This guide is organized into different tasks that you should do each day, but you’re also free to pick & choose which tasks you’d want to incorporate into your own routine.


Task #1: Claim your Free Daily Stamina & Dispatch Units in the Bureau

Exclusive Supply / Path To Nowhere
Exclusive Supply

Once you get in the game, the very first thing you’d want to do is claim the free 120 Stamina you get every day from the Exclusive Supply:

  • 60 Stamina, Noon Supply (UTC+7 11:00 to UTC+7 24:00)
  • 60 Stamina, Evening Supply (UTC+7 17:00 to UTC+7 24:00)

You can log in at around UTC+7 17:00 to UTC+7 24:00 if you want to claim these two at the same time.

The Exclusive Supply is located in the Bureau, where you’ll also find the Dispatch feature that you’d want to visit next as part of your daily routine:

Dispatch Missions / Path To Nowhere
Dispatch Missions

After claiming your free daily Stamina, you can then proceed by claiming the rewards of your previous Dispatch, then sending three Sinners for another Dispatch.

You can get just about anything from Hypercubes to Mania Essence just by dispatching Sinners, so don’t forget to do it at least three times daily.


Task #2: Go To Your Minos System: Supervision

Minos System (Resource) / Path To Nowhere
Minos System (Resource)

The Minos System: Supervision feature allows you to farm the following resources passively:

  • Stamina
  • Mania Essence
  • DisCoins
  • Multiplex Alloys

Claiming these resources after every 24 hours at the very least is crucial for your account growth.

Leaving your resource collectors at max capacity for a long time is a huge waste. So I highly suggest that you open the game every day and claim these resources.

You don’t even have to play if you don’t want to. Just collect those free power-up materials!

Supervision Terminal (Cinnabar) / Path To Nowhere
Supervision Terminal (Cinnabar)

To proceed with your daily routine after claiming your free resources, you need to check the encounters you have in your Supervision Terminal.

You’ll have at least one encounter with a Sinner every 24 hours, and engaging in a brief interaction with them gives you random rewards. Go and claim them!


Task #3: Visit Your Friends Page

Friends Page / Path To Nowhere
Friends Page

The next step to the daily routine is to visit your Friends page, and then exchange Friend Points with the friends you currently have.

You can also manage your friends right after by removing inactive players and adding new, active ones.

Cleaning up your friend list often is advisable – especially for beginner players who need as many strong Friend Assist units and Friend Points as they can get early on.


Task #4: Do Secret Society Activities

Secret Society (Donate) / Path To Nowhere
Secret Society (Donate)

Another important task to do daily is to visit your Secret Society and Donate – unless you want to be kicked out due to inactivity.

Secret Society (Mutual Aid) / Path To Nowhere
Secret Society (Mutual Aid)

You can also donate or request some Power-up materials to and from your other guildmates using the Mutual Aid feature.

This feature works wonders if you’re lacking any materials for a particular Sinner’s Promotion, or if you just want to farm some extra Secret Society EXP and DisCoins every day.


Task #5: Farm Power-up Materials & Invest in Your Sinners

The Rust Game Modes / Path To Nowhere
“The Rust” Game Modes

This is arguably the most important step in your daily routine. Because this is where you’ll spend the majority of the Stamina and Power-up materials you’ve gotten so far.

For Power-up materials, I highly recommend farming the following “The Rust” game modes:

Game Modes Resources Farmed
Cleansing Operations
  • DisCoins
  • Mania Essence
Parma Ruins
  • Phases 1, 2, & 3 Career Enhancement Materials
Nest of Pollution
  • Skill Upgrade Materials
Stormy Memories
  • Crimebrands
  • Memory Fragments
Promote Page (Eirene) / Path To Nowhere
Promote Page (Eirene)

Finally, after farming materials via clearing or Raiding/auto-battling as many stages as you can, you get to spend them on any Sinner you prefer.

Feel free to choose whichever unit you’d like to spend your resources on – but I recommend taking proper team building into account as you go along.


Task #6: Claim Your Daily & Weekly Mission Rewards

Daily Missions / Path To Nowhere
Daily Missions

At this point, you should have enough Management Points to claim all of your Daily Mission rewards – all within around just seven minutes!

Daily Rewards Activity Level Rewards Obtained
1st Reward 20
  • 2,000 Mania Essence
  • 5 Hypercubes
2nd Reward 40
  • 5 Skill Module I
  • 5 Hypercubes
3rd Reward 60
  • 200 Evidence
  • 5 Hypercubes
4th Reward 80
  • 3 Random Low-Level Material Supply Chest
  • 10 Hypercubes
5th Reward 100
  • 4,000 DisCoins
  • 15 Hypercubes

Follow this daily routine consistently and you’ll also be able to get the following Weekly Mission rewards way before the end of each week:

Weekly Rewards Activity Level Rewards Obtained
1st Reward 20
  • 5,000 DisCoins
  • 20 Hypercubes
2nd Reward 40
  • 10 Skill Module II
  • 20 Hypercubes
3rd Reward 60
  • 5 Random Mid-Level Material Supply Chest
  • 20 Hypercubes
4th Reward 80
  • 10,000 Mania Essence
  • 40 Hypercubes
5th Reward 100
  • 15,000 DisCoins
  • 50 Hypercubes

Task #7: Explore Any Game Mode or Feature You Want (Optional)

Tides of Ashes (Event) / Path To Nowhere
Tides of Ashes (Event)

After claiming your Daily and Weekly Mission rewards, you’re basically free to do whatever you please.

Leave the game or keep playing – it’s entirely your choice as long as you’ve done all the tasks listed above.

Interrogation Successful (Nox) / Path To Nowhere
Interrogation Successful (Nox)

I would suggest that you explore everything the game has to offer – especially if you’re a beginner who hasn’t even come close to playing the game in its entirety.

Path To Nowhere has a lot of optional content that you can use to keep yourself occupied:

But word of advice?

Don’t burn yourself out by sticking too strictly to your daily routine. It’s a game, after all, so don’t forget to mix it up on some days and just have fun with it!

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