How To Farm DisCoins in Path to Nowhere

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The best place to farm DisCoins from is the Gold Rush game mode located in the “The Rust” section, which you can repeatedly clear as long as you have enough stamina.

Other great sources include Daily and Weekly Missions, Oblivion Pit stages, and the Exchange Shop where you can purchase DisCoins in bulk.


Where Do You Farm DisCoins?

Hypercubes & DisCoins Obtained / Path To Nowhere
Hypercubes & DisCoins Obtained

Listed below are the best sources of DisCoins in the game which I recommend you farm as often as you can.


Source #1: Gold Rush (Best Source)

Gold Rush Stages / Path To Nowhere
Gold Rush Stages

Gold Rush stages are not only the most reliable sources of DisCoins in the game – they also require the least amount of effort to farm considering we have the Raid feature to rely on.

The best stage to farm for DisCoins, specifically, is Stage G-04, which is Gold Rush’s highest difficulty stage.

Gold Rush Stage Recommended Level Stamina Required
Stage G-01 Level 1 15
Stage G-02 Level 15 20
Stage G-03 Level 35 25
Stage G-04 Level 55 30

If you can’t clear Stage G-04 yet, the lower stages will do just fine as temporary replacements.

The stamina-to-reward ratio may be a bit lower if you clear lower stages though, so I suggest you clear Stage G-04 as early as you can.


Source #2: Daily & Weekly Missions

Daily Missions (All Rewards Claimed) / Path To Nowhere
Daily Missions (All Rewards Claimed)

Your Daily and Weekly Missions give you a lot of useful materials once completed – including a decent amount of DisCoins.

You can farm up to 48,000 DisCoins per week just by doing your Daily and Weekly Missions consistently.

That’s several Stage G-04 runs you won’t have to do, which in turn saves you a ton of stamina over time!

Clearing Daily and Weekly Missions is ridiculously easy if you have a time-efficient daily routine.


Source #3: Oblivion Pit

Oblivion Pit (Risk Level 5) / Path To Nowhere
Oblivion Pit (Risk Level 5)

The Oblivion Pit is a fantastic source of DisCoins. And the best part is that you don’t even need Stamina to clear them!

This means you can farm Oblivion Pit stages alongside Golden Rush stages daily if you want to go for the maximum DisCoin farming output.

You get one free attempt to clear an Oblivion Pit Depth per day, so make sure you’re using it up consistently – especially if you’re short on DisCoins.


Source #4: Exchange Shops

Exchange Shop (Low-Level Secret Society) / Path To Nowhere
Exchange Shop (Low-Level Secret Society)

Need some last-minute DisCoins but don’t have enough Stamina to farm them? Don’t worry because Exchange Shops have got you covered!

There are four Exchange Shops in the game that allows you to purchase DisCoins:

  • Arrest Exchange
  • Secret Society Exchange (All Levels)
  • Friendship Exchange
  • Event Exchange

There are other items in all four shops that are worth purchasing other than DisCoins, but you should be fine as long as you save up enough currency for the other precious items.


Honorable Mentions

Du-du-du! Event / Path To Nowhere
Du-du-du! Event

While they might not give you as many DisCoins as the sources listed above, here are several sources I also recommend you farm if you want to really max out your DisCoin-earning potential:

  • Events
  • Broken Frontline (Shackled Captive)
  • Surveillance Order Rewards
  • Core Crisis & Beneath The Shadows (Special Missions)
  • Minos System

Farming enough DisCoins to power up all your favorite Sinners takes a lot of time, so every little bit of DisCoins you earn from these sources helps out a ton in the long run.


What Are DisCoins?

DisCoins (Item Description) / Path To Nowhere
DisCoins (Item Description)

DisCoins are one of the two main currencies in Path To Nowhere alongside Hypercubes. They are mainly used in three different types of power-up methods:

  • Level Up
  • Rank Up
  • Crimbrand Enhancements

They are quite easy to farm, but the issue is that you’re going to need to farm a lot of DisCoins to be able to max out even one Sinner.

The higher the rarity of the Sinner is, the more DisCoins they’ll need to unlock higher levels and phases.

For reference, an S-Rank Sinner needs over 560,000 DisCoins if you want to rank them up to P3 (Phase 3). That’s several days’ worth of dedicated DisCoin farming if you start from scratch!

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