Path to Nowhere Dream Dust: Where To Farm + Uses

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The only reliable source of Dream Dust is the Friendship Point Exchange Shop, where you can purchase multiple copies of Dream Dust for 100 Friendship Points each.

Also, you can only buy Dream Dust once per month, so it’s worth keeping this in mind for when you need more.


Getting Dream Dust & Friendship Points

Friendship Point Exchange Shop / Path to Nowhere
Friendship Point Exchange Shop

The only reliable way to get some Dream Dust is to buy them from the Friendship Exchange Shop for 100 Friendship Points each.

This is why you’ll want to add as many Friends as you can – especially if you’re a beginner. I also advise that you get rid of Friends who are inactive and aren’t sending any Friendship Points back to you.

But there’s a catch here:

You can only buy a Dream Dust once per month, so make sure to pick them up as soon as you can after every monthly reset.


What is Dream Dust Used For?

Dream Dust Item Description / Path to Nowhere
Dream Dust (Item Description)

Dream Dust can be used to unlock a Sinner’s Mirage, which allows you to view a specific Sinner’s backstory and increase their Compliance.

Sinner Mirages / Path to Nowhere
Sinner Mirages

You can only unlock one Sinner’s Mirage with one Dream Dust, so make sure you use them for your favorite Sinners first!

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