Path to Nowhere: Friend Assist Guide + How It Works

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The Friend Assist feature in PtN allows you to borrow units from players you’ve added as friends. It can be used in the following game modes:

Game Modes Limit Per Day
DisCity Battles 3
Rust Battles 3
Events 3
Witching Hour Battles 5

This feature is very helpful if you want to use a Sinner that makes a particular stage easier to clear, but one that you weren’t able to acquire or invest in properly yourself.

Alternatively, you can also set Assist Units of your own, which your friends can then borrow whenever they please.


Why Should You Use The Friend Assist System?

User Assistance Page / Path to Nowhere
User Assistance Page

The Friend Assist System is a very useful tool – especially if you’re not particularly lucky in the Summon gacha.

Having trouble clearing a particular stage?

All you have to do is find a friend with an overpowered Sinner to help you get through it – easy peasy!

This is also why you should add friends wisely, as you can’t really take advantage of the Assist Units feature if your friends have weak Assist Units set on their profile, or none at all.


How To Use a Friend’s Assist Units (Step-by-Step)

If you want to borrow your friends’ Sinners, you can start by clicking the “Assist” button located on the lower-left side of the deployment page that is shown before every battle:

Select Sinner > Select Assist Units / Path to Nowhere
Select Sinner > Select Assist Units

You will then be presented with a random selection of the Assist Units that were set by your friends:

Available Assist Units / Path to Nowhere
Available Assist Units

Note that you can only use one Assist Unit per battle, and you cannot deploy two or more Sinners with the same name.

You can also replace the Sinners that are shown on the Assist Unit list by clicking the “Refresh” button located on the bottom-left corner of the deployment page:

Refresh Assist Units / Path to Nowhere
Refresh Assist Units

You can only use 5 Refreshes per battle and a limited amount of Assist Units per day. So make sure to take proper team building into account before choosing an Assist Unit.


How To Set Your Friend Assist Units (Step-by-Step)

Setting up your own Friend Assist Units is also very important, as you can farm tons of extra Friend Points whenever a friend picks one of your Sinners to assist them in battle.

To set up your Assist Units, start by going to your Friends List by clicking the “Friends List” icon on the right side of your Home Screen – this will be the little people silhouette icons.

Main Screen > Friends List / Path to Nowhere
Main Screen > Friends List

After being redirected to your Friends List, go to the Assistance page by clicking the “Assistance” option, which is the third and final option on the left side of the Friends List page:

Friends List > Assistance Page / Path to Nowhere
Friends List > Assistance Page

Next, click the “Change” button on the right side of the screen:

Assistance Page > Change Assist Units / Path to Nowhere
Assistance Page > Change Assist Units

All of your units will then be revealed, and you can pick up to three Assist Units which your friends will be able to borrow:

Select Assist Units Page / Path to Nowhere
Select Assist Units Page

Make sure to select only the three highest-leveled Sinners you have as your Support Units.

This will improve your chances of adding stronger and more active friends, which then increases the amount of Friend Points you can farm per day.

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