How To Get Stamina in Path To Nowhere

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The best way to farm Stamina is to visit the Bureau and claim the Noon and Evening Exclusive Supplies. Although you can also get Stamina as claimable rewards from Events and the Surveillance Order Pass.

If you’re willing to part with some of your hard-earned Quartz, you can also purchase 100 Stamina at a time for 40 Quartz each!

But we’ll cover each of these acquisition methods below.


Method #1: Visit Your Bureau’s Exclusive Supply (Best Method)

Exclusive Supply for Stamina / Path to Nowhere

Visiting the Exclusive Supply is by far the easiest way to farm some free Stamina daily.

Using this feature, you can get two free x60 Stamina (x120 Stamina in total) just by logging in during two timeframes:

  • UTC+7 11:00 – 24:00 (ICT Timezone)
  • UTC+7 17:00 – 24:00 (ICT Timezone)

You should avoid not claiming these – especially if you’re a beginner who needs every point of Stamina you can get to farm more resources.


Method #2: Earn Stamina as Rewards from Events & Surveillance Order

Flames of Resurrection (Surveillance Order) / Path to Nowhere

Limited-time Events and the Surveillance Order both allow you to earn free Stamina.

You claim them just by playing the game regularly or, for certain Events, grinding time-limited stages that allow you to earn Stamina as Achievement Rewards or purchasable items.

The amount of Stamina you get from this method may vary, but I highly recommend doing it if you want to earn tons of other free stuff and some Stamina.


Method #3: Buy Stamina with Quartz

Purchasing Stamina / Path to Nowhere
Purchase Stamina (0 > 100)

You can buy 100 Stamina for 40 Quartz each, and you can do it up to 10 times per day.

While I don’t recommend that you spend too much Quartz on Stamina, I still recommend doing it once in a while – especially if you’re a beginner.

I personally recommend doing this only up to once or twice per day, just so you can farm a little bit more resources and materials without spending lots of Quartz.

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