Path to Nowhere Leveling Guide (How To Level Up Fast)

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There are two types of levels that you can increase in Path To Nowhere — your Chief Level and Sinner Level.

To increase your Chief Level quickly, all you need to do is clear or Raid as many stages as you can.

For Sinners, the only way to power them up is to feed them tons of DisCoins and Mania Essence, along with several Rank Up materials.


How To Increase Chief Level Fast

Chief Level Up (Lv. 54 > 55) / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=Chief Level Up (Lv. 54 > 55)

Increasing your Chief Level as much as you can – especially as a beginner – is very important.

This is because your Chief Level determines your Stamina Capacity, as well as your Stamina Recovery.

The higher your Chief Level is, the more Stamina you have and will recover every day.

And the best way to increase your Chief Level quickly is to clear stages and Raid them as frequently as you can.

Stage 4-12 (Victory) / Path To Nowhere
Stage 4-12 (Victory)

The more Stamina a stage consumes, the more Chief EXP you receive. So feel free to prioritize clearing and Raiding stages that consume a lot of Stamina.

Raid Completed (Raid Multiple) / Path To Nowhere
Raid Completed (Raid Multiple)

Here are a few game modes and stages that you should consider clearing and Raiding if you want to farm a lot of Chief EXP:

Game Modes Recommended Stages Additional Materials Farmed
DisCity Any stage (The higher the difficulty, the better) Sinner Rank-up Materials
Gold Rush C-04 DisCoins
Seed of Ill Omen G-04 Mania Essence

TIP: For beginner players, I recommend reaching Chief Level 50 as soon as possible. This gives you just about enough Stamina and Stamina Regeneration that you’ll be able to clear or Raid stages at least twice a day.

Around level 50, a “soft cap” for Chief Levels will become noticeable, since you’ll level up significantly slower compared to previous levels.

No worries though – because once you reach Level 50, you’ll have plenty of Stamina to go around and access to just about any game mode or feature you want!


How To Increase Sinner Levels Fast

Rouclecca (Promote Page) / Path To Nowhere
Rouclecca (Promote Page)

Farming resources like DisCoins and Mania Essence is the best way to power up your Sinners quickly, since feeding your units these materials is the only way to increase their levels.

The Rust / Path To Nowhere
The Rust

If you want to farm lots of Rank-up and Level-up materials quickly, consider clearing or Raiding the following game modes:

Game Modes Power-Up Materials Farmed
DisCity (Any Stage)
  • Sinner Rank-up Materials
The Rust (Cleansing Operation)
  • DisCoins
  • Mania Essence
The Rust (Perma Ruins)
  • Sinner Rank-up Materials
Seed of Ill Omen Stages / Path To Nowhere
Seed of Ill Omen Stages

When it comes to farming materials for leveling up your Sinners, any stage that you can clear on your own (without any Friend Assist units) will do.

This is because to unlock and use the Raid (Auto-Battle) feature that makes your material grinds much easier, you have to first clear the stage without using the Friend Assist feature.

Gold Rush Stages / Path To Nowhere
Gold Rush Stages

Farming Power-up materials for your Sinners will also passively increase your Chief Level over time. So I highly recommend that you do it every single day.

Having a quick yet effective daily routine helps you farm Chief Levels and Sinner Levels faster – even in the endgame. So being consistent will help a lot here.

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