How To Farm Hypercubes in Path to Nowhere

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The best way to farm Hypercubes for beginners is to clear all DisCity/DisShadow stages. For veteran players, clearing Daily and Weekly Missions gives you the most Hypercubes in the long run.

Other great sources include the Libram System and Achievement missions, as well as the Broken Frontline game mode where you can farm a set amount of Hypercubes weekly.


Where Do You Farm Hypercubes?

Hypercube Obtained / Path To Nowhere
Hypercube Obtained

Listed below are the four best sources of Hypercubes that you can farm right now – completely F2P!


Source #1: DisCity/DisShadow Stages (Best Source for Beginners)

DisCity Stages / Path To Nowhere
DisCity Stages

DisCity stages are by far the best source of Hypercubes in the early game. You get Hypercubes every time you clear a DisCity stage, and there are a lot of DisCity stages a beginner can clear.

DisShadow is DisCity’s higher-difficulty version. It becomes yet another great source of Hypercubes once you unlock it after clearing DisCity Chapter 6.

Core Crisis (Special Mission) Rewards / Path To Nowhere
Core Crisis (Special Mission) Rewards

Not only that, but both the DisCity and DisShadow game modes have a feature called Special Missions:

  • Core Crisis Special Missions (DisCity)
  • Beneath The Shadows Special Missions (DisShadow)

Special Missions allow players to earn additional rewards by clearing stages with specific feats such as having no Sanity damage, using a specific Chief Skill, or completing the stage within a time limit.


Source #2: Daily & Weekly Missions (Best Source for Veteran Players)

Weekly Missions / Path To Nowhere
Weekly Missions

Clearing your Daily and Weekly Missions is the best way to farm Hypercubes in the long run – especially once you’re out of your beginner phase.

You can farm up to 430 Hypercubes per week just by completing your Daily and Weekly Missions, which adds up to almost three Sinner Warrants!

I recommend following a quick, yet effective daily routine if you want to be able to farm Hypercubes from this source consistently without burning out.


Source #3: Libram System & Achievement Rewards

Achievements (Echoes From The Abyss) / Path To Nowhere
Achievements (Echoes From The Abyss)

The Libram System allows you to farm Soul Chimes.

The more Soul Chimes you have, the more rewards in the Libram System you’ll be able to unlock.

You can also farm Hypercubes by completing certain Achievements in the game. Heck, even just sharing some PtN content on social media gives you a decent amount of Hypercubes!

Don’t forget to show the game some love and click on that “Share” icon next time you do your Arrests or clear an Event.


Source #4: Broken Frontline

Level Rewards (Brand - Deteriorated) / Path To Nowhere
Level Rewards (Brand – Deteriorated)

Clearing the Broken Frontline consistently gives you a decent and steady stream of Hypercubes coming in every week.

If you combine the Hypercubes you get from this game mode with the ones from your Daily and Weekly Missions, you’ll easily be able to get enough Hypercubes for a multi-pull within a month!

Participating in the Broken Frontline every week is simply a must – especially if you’re a F2P player looking to stick with this game for the long haul.


Honorable Mentions

Suspect Pursuit Event / Path To Nowhere
Suspect Pursuit Event

Here are five other sources of Hypercubes that I recommend you farm as often as you can alongside the four “main” sources listed above.

  • Events
  • Interrogations
  • Compliance Level Rewards
  • Surveillance Order Rewards
  • Daily Emotion Checks

These sources may not give you as many Hypercubes, but farming them will be a tremendous help in the long run once you’re out of the game’s honeymoon phase.


What Are Hypercubes Used For?

Hypercube (Item Description) / Path To Nowhere
Hypercube (Item Description)

Hypercubes are Path To Nowhere’s premium currency, and this is arguably the most important currency type in the game.

You can use Hypercubes to perform a lot of different activities:

  • Purchasing stamina
  • Refreshing clear attempts
  • Arresting Sinners
  • Buying Shop items

The main activity you’d want to save your Hypercubes for is Arresting Sinners, as it’ll allow you to get more units to build teams with or upgrade a Sinner’s Shackles.

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