Complete Interrogation Guide for Path To Nowhere

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Interrogation is an in-game feature that allows you to get to know the Sinners you’ve acquired by revealing their personal backgrounds.

You can Interrogate a Sinner as long as you have enough Evidence – which is a material that you can farm mainly by completing your Daily Tasks consistently.

Evidence (Item Description) / Path to Nowhere
Evidence (Item Description)

Why Interrogate Sinners?

There are two reasons why you should Interrogate your Sinners.


Reason #1: To Increase a Sinner’s Compliance

Compliance Page (Nox) / Path to Nowhere
Compliance Page (Nox)

The main reason why you should Interrogate your Sinners (especially the ones you use often) is to increase their Compliance.

Increasing a Sinner’s Compliance not only gives them bonus stats, but also unlocks a variety of optional features like exclusive voice lines, Sinner profiles, conversations, and titles!


Reason #2: To Earn Resources/Materials As Rewards

Limbo (Available Rewards) / Path to Nowhere
Limbo (Available Rewards)

You can also earn lots of claimable rewards just by talking to your Sinners via the Interrogation feature:

You can get these items either by clearing Interrogation Phases or by simply claiming them from the Archives.


How To Interrogate Sinners (Step-by-Step)

To access the Interrogation page, start by clicking the “Bureau” icon located on the right part of your Home Screen:

Home Screen > Bureau / Path to Nowhere
Home Screen > Bureau

You’ll then be redirected to your Bureau, where you’ll see five different features you can access.

To proceed, click “Interrogation” at the center-most section of your Bureau:

Bureau > Interrogation / Path to Nowhere
Bureau > Interrogation

Next, simply click on the Sinner you’d like to Interrogate. In this case, I’m going with Nox – the dreaded Grim Reaper waifu herself!

Interrogation Room > Nox / Path to Nowhere
Interrogation Room > Nox

After clicking on a Sinner, you’ll then be able to access their ledger, which tells you the Interrogation requirements for each Interrogation Phase.

As you can see from the image below, for Phase 01 of the Interrogation to be unlocked, Nox needs two different Interrogation Evidence:

Interrogation Requirements (Phase 1 - Nox) / Path to Nowhere
Interrogation Requirements (Phase 1 – Nox)

If you still want to continue and have enough Evidence, you can buy the Interrogation Evidence by simply clicking on them, and then the button highlighted in the image below:

Purchase Interrogation Evidence (500 Evidence) / Path to Nowhere
Purchase Interrogation Evidence (500 Evidence)

After purchasing all of the required Interrogation Evidence for a Phase, you’re now free to conduct an Interrogation – but only for that specific Phase.

Each Interrogation Phase requires different Interrogation Evidence to unlock.

Interrogate Button (Phase 1 - Nox) / Path to Nowhere
Interrogate Button (Phase 1 – Nox)

To begin the Interrogation, click the “START” button located at the bottom-center part of the screen:

Start Interrogation Button / Path to Nowhere
Start Interrogation

During the Interrogation, you’ll be able to present the Interrogation Evidence you bought to the Sinners you’re interrogating:

Submit Evidence Screen / Path to Nowhere
Submit Evidence

The dialogue options don’t really matter here (you’ll be able to replay Interrogations more than once), but it’s safe to say that the universal rule of “Don’t be an a-hole” still applies.

Sure you may not get any extra bonuses if you conduct your interrogations nicely, but you also wouldn’t get anything if you’re mean to your Sinners either.

Interrogation Successful (Nox) / Path to Nowhere
Interrogation Successful (Nox)

And then voila – you’re done interrogating your Sinner!

You’ll receive some Quartz and an increase in that specific Sinner’s Compliance immediately after the Interrogation’s completion.

Not a bad reward for getting to know your Sinners just a little bit better, no?

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