Path to Nowhere: Item Fusion Guide (Step-by-Step)

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You can easily fuse items in Path to Nowhere by clicking on a material that you lack, and then selecting “Item Fusion” from the list of options on a Sinner’s Rank Up page.

You can do this to craft any items that you don’t have enough of – but only if you have enough of the required materials to proceed.


How Item Fusion Works

Bronze Crystal (Rank Up Material) / Path To Nowhere
Bronze Crystal (Rank Up Material)

Item Fusion is a wonderful in-game feature that allows you to craft high-tier items from low-tier items of the same type.

This is mainly applicable to the two exclusive types of Rank Up items:

  • Rank Up Materials
  • Elemental Substances
Supply Chest (Elemental Substances) / Path To Nowhere
Supply Chest (Elemental Substances)

For example, you can Fuse five Phase 1 Elemental Substances to make one Phase 2 Elemental Substance – so on, and so forth.

If you want to see a more detailed explanation, simply follow the step-by-step guide on how to Fuse items below.


How To Fuse Items (Step-by-Step)

To Fuse items, start by picking the Sinner you want to Rank Up. They can either be Level 20, Level 40, or Level 70.

In this case, we’ll go with my Level 40 Wendy – everyone’s favorite chainsaw waifu!

Sinners Page (Wendy) / Path To Nowhere
Sinners Page (Wendy)

You’ll then be presented with the Info page of the Sinner you selected.

Simply click the “Promote” option from the list of options located on the left side of the screen to proceed:

Info > Promote (Wendy) / Path To Nowhere”><figcaption class=Info > Promote (Wendy)

Next, if you notice that you lack a specific material from the “Required Materials” list highlighted in the image below, just click the said material.

In this case, I lack all three materials listed, but I’m going to go with the Bronze Crystal, which is the second material on the “Required Materials” list:

Promote (Insufficient Materials) / Path To Nowhere
Promote (Insufficient Materials)

Upon clicking the material, you’ll then be presented with several options on how to obtain that item.

The [Item] Fusion option is placed a bit lower than other options for some materials, so you might have to scroll down a bit:

Obtain Options (Swipe Down) / Path To Nowhere
Obtain Options (Swipe Down)

Now that you can see the [Item] Fusion option, click on it so you can proceed:

Obtain Options (Item Fusion) / Path To Nowhere
Obtain Options (Item Fusion)

Finally, you’ll be presented with the Fusion page where you’ll be able to Fuse lower-tier materials of the same type to craft the higher-tier material you need to Rank Up your Sinner!

In this case, I can consume 3 Bronze Raw Ores and 8 Bronze Concentrates to create 3 Bronze Crystals just by clicking the “Fusion” button highlighted in the image below:

Fusion (Bronze Crystal) / Path To Nowhere
Fusion (Bronze Crystal)

And voila – you can now craft high-tier materials via the Item Fusion feature as long as you have the lower-tier materials required!

Remember to use this feature sparingly though (especially if you’re a beginner), since you might need low-tier materials more than high-tier materials to Rank Up your other Sinners.

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