Path to Nowhere: Minos System (Supervision) Quick Guide

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The Minos System’s Supervision feature allows players to farm resources such as Stamina, DisCoins, Mania Essence, and Multiplex Alloys passively.

In this introductory guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about the Minos System’s Supervision feature, and how to optimize the number of resources you can farm here in Path to Nowhere.


Resource Production Facilities

Resources Obtained / Path To Nowhere
Resources Obtained

There are many types of facilities that produce resources and materials in the Minos System:

Resource Production Facilities Types of Resources Produced
Greenhouse Stamina
Training Room Mania Essence
Black Market DisCoins
Energy Furnace Multiplex Alloys

To collect resources from these facilities, simply place them in your Minos System using Build Mode, and connect them via the Auto-Connect function.

Build Mode (Active) / Path To Nowhere
Build Mode (Active)

The game’s Auto-Connect function will find the most optimal connection for each facility, so there’s no need to manually connect them yourself!

Just make sure to put the following facilities close to the Resource Production Facilities before using Auto-Connect:

  • Recreation Area
  • Hypnotherapy Room
  • Outdoor Activity Area
  • Confinement Cell

Resource Production Facilities need the materials produced by these facilities to produce their respective resources, hence why they should be close and connected to each other.


Management Center

Center (Level 5) / Path To Nowhere
Center (Level 5)

The Management Center is where you can view all of the facilities in your Minos System (Supervision) and upgrade them to increase their yield.

You can also upgrade your Management Center using Multiplex Alloys and AI Software. The higher the level of your Management Center, the more you’ll be able to upgrade your facilities.

Upon upgrading the Management Center, you also gain access to more facilities and facility slots.

So prioritize upgrading your Management Center over other facilities as often as you can.


Supervision Terminal

Supervision Terminal / Path To Nowhere
Supervision Terminal

The Supervision Terminal is yet another sub-feature within the Minos System (Supervision) where you can check up on your Sinners in exchange for random rewards.

This feature is RNG-dependent, as the frequency of your encounters with Sinners may vary each day.

The higher the Urgency of the encounter, the better the rewards you’ll be able to get from your Sinners.

You also only have a limited time frame in which you can interact with Sinners once a Supervision Terminal encounter triggers, so make sure to visit this facility often!

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