Oblivion Pit Complete Guide (Path to Nowhere)

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The Oblivion Pit is one of Path To Nowhere’s many game modes that allow players to farm several types of resources.

The main resources you can farm from Oblivion Pit battles are DisCoins and Dark Samples, which you can use to buy a variety of items in the Dark Sample Exchange Shop located in the Supply Office.

In this guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about Oblivion Pit, how it’s played, and the resources you can farm from it!


What is the Oblivion Pit?

DisSea Game Modes / Path To Nowhere
DisSea Game Modes

Oblivion Pit is located in the DisSea along with the Broken Frontline game mode.

It is divided into five different difficulties or “Depths”:

Name Depth Required Level
Limbo Resonance 1000 15
Death By Sand 1500 25
Square Haze 2000 35
Ominous Abyss 2500 45
Paradise Illusion 3000 55
Oblivion Pit Depths / Path To Nowhere
Oblivion Pit Depths

The higher the Depth you can clear, the better rewards you can farm.

To unlock higher-difficulty Depths, you need to clear both lower-level Depths and DisCity stages.

Purifier (Item Description) / Path To Nowhere
Purifier (Item Description)

You get one free attempt to clear an Oblivion Pit Depth per day, but you can also use an item called Purifier to obtain more challenge attempts.

You can farm Purifiers mainly by completing Oblivion Pit Depths and claiming the clearance rewards.


Choosing Sinners for Oblivion Pit

Oblivion Pit / Path To Nowhere
Oblivion Pit

Each Oblivion Pit Depth has a level requirement.

Any Sinners that do not meet a specific Depth’s level requirement cannot be used at all, so make sure to level up your Sinners appropriately.

As for my unit recommendations, Sinners with AoE attack capabilities and heals generally excel in Oblivion Pit stages because of the sheer number of mobs you’ll need to face there.

Here’s a table to help clarify this:

Sinners Role Rarity
Eirene MDPS S-Rank
Nox Bruiser S-Rank
Hecate MDPS A-Rank
Zoya Bruiser S-Rank
Wendy PDPS A-Rank
Langley PDPS S-Rank
Hamel Healer S-Rank
Ariel Healer A-Rank

Resuming Oblivion Pit Stages

Resume Operation (Oblivion Pit) / Path To Nowhere
Resume Operation (Oblivion Pit)

If you ever need to do something else while exploring any Depth in the Oblivion Pit, then worry not – you can save your progress.

To postpone your progress, simply click Suspend before leaving the Oblivion Pit, and click Resume Operation if you want to pick up exactly where you left off – easy peasy!


Risk Levels & Stage Effects

Stage Effects (Highlighted) / Path To Nowhere
Stage Effects (Highlighted)

Each Oblivion Pit Depth is further divided into five different stages, or Risk Levels, where the 4th and the 5th stages are usually boss fights.

If you want to clear these stages much faster, I advise that you read the “Stage Effects” for each Risk Level.

These effects either boost or decrease the performance of your Sinners. Make sure to pay attention to them so you can adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Oblivion Pit (Combat) / Path To Nowhere
Oblivion Pit (Combat)

Another important thing to keep in mind is that in the Oblivion Pit, your Sinners retain the amount of HP and Energy they had from previous stages.

This means that if a Sinner dies while clearing Stage 4, you cannot use them at all when clearing Stage 5!

This is why I recommend just resetting the stage if any of your Sinners die – especially the ones who either deal the most damage or heal other units. Your attempt will not be consumed if you do this.


Claimable Rewards

Oblivion Pit (Clearance Rewards) / Path To Nowhere
Oblivion Pit (Clearance Rewards)

Here are all the available rewards that you can get just by playing the Oblivion Pit game mode:

  • Purifiers
  • Hypercubes
  • DisCoins
  • Dark Samples

Dark Samples and DisCoins are farmable every time you play the game mode, while Hypercubes and Purifiers can only be claimed once.


Dark Sample Exchange (Recommended Items)

Dark Sample Exchange / Path To Nowhere
Dark Sample Exchange

If you play Oblivion Pit consistently, you’ll eventually farm a ton of Dark Samples which you can use to purchase items in the Dark Sample Exchange Shop.

This shop has a lot of useful items, but here are the items that I recommend you save up and purchase before buying the others:

Recommended Shop Items Cost Purchase Limit
Chameleon 3,000 Dark Samples 1 per account
Sinner Mark (A) 1,500 Dark Samples 4 per account
Sinner Mark (S) 9,000 Dark Samples 2 per account

Tip: I recommend going straight for the two Sinner Marks (S) first because they’re by far the most useful, but do keep in mind that saving up for them will take a very long time. Patience, patience!

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