Path to Nowhere: Pity System Guide (Does Pity Carry Over?)

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The Pity System in Path to Nowhere allows players to get a guaranteed S-Rank Sinner within 80 pulls.

The pity counter carries over in this game, but only for Event Banners. Event Banners and the Normal Banner do not count as one banner type, therefore they have different pity systems.


How the Pity System Works

Path to Nowhere can be considered among the most generous gacha games of all time, since the pity is set only to 80 Pulls.

This is way lower compared to other games!

There are two different banner types in this game – the Normal Banner and Event Banners, which are governed by different pity systems.


Event Banners Pity

Blissful Arcadia (Event Banner) / Path To Nowhere
Blissful Arcadia (Event Banner)

Event Banners guarantee that you’ll get an S-Rank unit in the 80th pull. The pity counter in Event Banners also carries over to other Event Banners, but not to Normal Banners.

If you did not manage to get the featured S-Rank unit in your first pity cycle, the next pity cycle will guarantee that the S-Rank unit will be the featured unit.

After the 50th pull, the probability of you getting an S-Rank unit increases until the pity pull (80th pull). Your pity counter will then be reset to 0 and your probability of getting an S-Rank back to base (2%).

The Event Banners’ shared pity counter will also be reset whenever you get any S-Rank unit on any Event Banner.


Normal Banner Pity

Sin City (Normal Banner) / Path To Nowhere
Sin City (Normal Banner)

The Normal Banner follows just about the same rules as Events Banners – except for two things:

  • The pity in the Normal Banner does not carry over to any other banner
  • You can only get random S-Rank units on your pity pulls

Because of these two caveats, I would highly recommend that you save up and pull on Event Banners instead – especially if you want to acquire a specific Sinner or Sinner Marks.

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